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5 Tips for Moving into a High-Rise Apartment

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Moving into a high rise apartment presents more complications than moving into an apartment closer to the ground. Read on to learn tips for moving into an apartment that’s only accessible through an elevator-or worse, several flights of stairs. 1 – Take Less Stuff While one of the best tips for moving into any kind […] read more

The Disadvantages of High-Rise Apartment Living

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There are several disadvantages to living in a high rise apartment that might make you think twice before renting one. Some of these challenges can be solved with creativity if you don’t have other options. However, other problems present with this type of apartment living will always be there, making it hard to enjoy your […] read more

The Perks High-Rise Apartment Living

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Deciding on the best apartment living option requires you to decide what type of building you want to live in. Common types of apartments include a mid-rise, high-rise or walk-up. Making a list and asking a leasing agent about buildings specific amenities and special offers will help you in your search. While each type of […] read more

High-Rise and Low-Rise Apartments Compared

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When looking for an apartment you may look at low rise apartments and high rise apartments. There are some general differences between the two that may help you narrow down your decision. For a Room With a View Choose a High Rise Apartment If you are looking for an apartment in an urban area with a […] read more