The Perks High-Rise Apartment Living

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Deciding on the best apartment living option requires you to decide what type of building you want to live in. Common types of apartments include a mid-rise, high-rise or walk-up. Making a list and asking a leasing agent about buildings specific amenities and special offers will help you in your search. While each type of building has its pros and cons, there are several perks to consider when choosing a high-rise building.

The Benefits of a Doorman

Most high-rise buildings have a doorman. They will greet you when you come home and make sure you get into the building. The doorman also helps to keep you safe because his job is to monitor who comes into the building. He can also do nice things like keep items at the front desk, hail a taxi or offer a hand with helping you carry several packages. Having a doorman may be important if you work late hours, travel a lot or are single and need the added safety.

The Amenities Are Worth It

There are several other amenities that come with living in a high rise. Many high rise building have workout rooms that are free of charge or have special offers with local gyms. Be sure to ask if they have garage parking or even uncovered parking and if it’s included in the rent. Some of these items may seem obvious, like a laundry room or garbage slot on each floor, but in totality, these amenities may help you decide whether you choose a high-rise.

Typically, large apartment buildings usually have regular tenant events. This may include movie screenings, holiday parties or even parties on a rooftop or at the recreation center. Another perk is a convenient store or commissary that allows you to pick up on last minute items easily which may be important if a grocery store is not close by.

High rise building are usually equipped with a full staff onsite such as a leasing agent and maintenance crew. The benefit is that they are more likely to take care of any concerns you need addressed quickly. Also, having maintenance on staff means that there is probably a good standard of upkeep to the apartment building, the greenery and the overall cleanliness.

Searching for an apartment requires you to make several important decisions. Knowing what type of building you want to live will help you focus on finding the best apartment. Drilling down to the specific amenities will help you decide if high-rise living fits your lifestyle.

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