The Disadvantages of High-Rise Apartment Living

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There are several disadvantages to living in a high rise apartment that might make you think twice before renting one. Some of these challenges can be solved with creativity if you don’t have other options. However, other problems present with this type of apartment living will always be there, making it hard to enjoy your apartment.

Evacuation Concerns

If you live in a high rise apartment, you’ll face a harder challenge trying to evacuate due to emergencies, such a natural disaster or fire. Many people will be trying to evacuate the building at the same time, and most of them will be panicked. If you’re renting towards the top of the high rise, it could be risky trying to get out. Even lower apartment renters will be at risk trying to navigate a stampede, because of the large groups of people you’ll have to compete with.

Moving Heavy Items

Another advantage to consider not just on move-in day, but throughout your rental period, is moving heavy furniture and appliances. It’s challenging trying to move or remove furniture up and down stairs in high rise buildings, and the space of hallways and corridors can be small. You can hire movers, but you can expect to pay more than if you lived in a more accessible apartment. This goes for moving a piano as well. If you’re hiring a professional mover, plan on spending a lot more for moving or removing your piano.

Too Many Stairs

There are only two options for getting to and from a high-rise apartment: the elevator or the stairs. If you live on one of the top floors, you might have to climb the stairs with your groceries, briefcase or anything else you need to carry. This is an inconvenience that happens more often than you might think. You may welcome the exercise in some instances, but if you need to get to your apartment fast, this can become a nuisance.

Limited Gardening

Your options for gardening are very few in a high rise apartment, and in some cases, you have none. If you can find one with a balcony, you can grow vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers in containers. If you don’t have a balcony, you’ll be restricted to indoor gardening in planters, which means the types of plants you can grow will be restricted. If you enjoy growing your own foods or other plants, renting a high rise apartment is not your best choice.

Noise Nuisance

With that many people living together in a building, you’re bound to have a noise nuisance from neighbors directly under, above or next to you. Tenants usually complain about loud music or dog barking in high rise apartments. No matter how many times you complain to the management or landlords, there will be periods when your peace is disrupted by new tenants or others that don’t follow the rules.

Carefully weigh these disadvantages of renting a high rise apartment before you sign a lease. You could be dealing with these issues for a long time, depending on your rental period.

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