4 Common Novice Mistakes When Starting an Herb Garden

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Everyone should be encouraged to start an herb garden. Herbs are a common part of our lives, and are found in many foods and products, ranging from medicines to skin care products. Whether you want to have the personal experience of growing your own herbs, or are looking for ways to cut down on your grocery budget, there are useful herbs that you can grow right in your apartment. Before you begin, take note of these 4 common novice mistakes when starting an herb garden:

1. Not Going Organic

If you’re growing your own herbs, you probably have an affinity to wanting all natural herbs at your disposal. However, many novices intend to grow an all natural herb garden, but then make the mistake of using chemical pesticides to get rid of pests. They don’t know that there are organic options, and end up negatively impacting their health in the process. You can grow an organic herb garden, while still getting rid of pests. You can buy organic pesticides from suppliers, or make your own. For example, you can wash your plants with dish liquid soap to get rid of pets.

2. Not Understanding Lighting

There are two options for lighting your herb garden: natural sunlight or artificial light. For artificial lights, you can buy fluorescent or light-emitting diodes (LED) grow lights.  Some apartment situations make it difficult to get enough sunlight to grow herbs. While some herbs do fine in the shade, others require a certain amount of natural sunlight. If you’re a novice, you might make the mistake of not giving your herb garden enough natural sunlight or you may not know about your options for artificial lights. It’s important to know how much light your herb garden will get, based on where you locate it in your apartment. Know how to supplement the light you need with artificial lights if necessary.

3. Low Quality Seeds

Some people who want to start an herb garden, buy herb kits to supply them with all their garden needs. However, not all herb kits are made equal, and you could end up with low quality seeds, which is a mistake. Non-organic seeds may also be genetically modified, and can thwart your efforts to grow an organic garden. Find a high quality herb garden kit, or buy seeds from your local nursery or garden center that will grow well. You already have a battle on your hands growing an herb garden indoors. You don’t want to make it harder by trying to care for and maintain plants that will under perform in any environment.

4. Over-Watering

An herb garden needs enough water to survive and thrive indoors. However, too much water will eliminate any chances of them surviving and growing to their full potential. You’ll also open them up to growing mold and other diseases that you want to keep away. Come up with a watering schedule based on the herbs you’re planting, and water them properly.

None of these mistakes should intimidate you or cause you to ditch the idea of starting an herb garden. Now that you’re informed, do some more research on the specific herbs you want to grow and start your garden as soon as you can.

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  1. February 06, 2010 at 9:37 pm, joe said:

    I agree people do make some of those mistakes when planting herbs. Here at back to basics homestead we use only organic material. Our herb garden is our pride and joy. We even grow inside. During the winter months we enjoy our soap making.


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