5 Accident Prevention Tips for Your Apartment

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Accident prevention is important for any residence, but particularly an apartment when space is limited and traffic is often higher. Making a few adjustments to your place can prevent serious and costly accidents. The following tips will assist you in making your apartment safe.

1. Watch the Cords

In any residence an overloaded socket can pose a fire hazard. Make sure that there is only one plug per socket. If you need more outlets, then use a surge protector that will automatically shut off if it becomes overheated. Watching the number of cords you plug into the wall will prevent fires from starting outside the socket or inside the wall.

Additionally, immediately unplug any frayed or exposed wires. These wires are not secure against electric shock or overheating, potentially becoming a fire hazard. It is not difficult for appliances and other items to be rewired so they are no longer dangerous. Local lighting shops or any electrician will be able to fix any wiring problems.

2. Put a Mat Down

Believe it or not, an entryway rug can eliminate the potential for slipping. Whether outdoor or indoor, a rug will reduce the amount of dirt, water and other debris brought into your home that can be dangerous. Regardless of whatever rug you choose, make sure that it does not slip itself by placing a non-slip rug pad underneath it.

3. Properly Hang All Artwork

To prevent falling, use the proper tools and materials to hang all artwork. A heavier item may require more or stronger nails, or even wall anchors. You may need to attach a wire to the back of bulky items not only so they lie flat and evenly against the wall, but so they will not put too much pressure on a single hook.

Also, be certain to hang artwork and other items at the proper height. Items hung too high may not be securely hung because you might not have been able to properly reach the area when hanging it. Items hung too low will be prone to being bumped and falling or being damaged by passersby.

4. Wash Carefully

A sticky or slippery floor is a falling hazard. To prevent your floors from becoming dangerous, make sure to use the proper cleaning solution when mopping and to thoroughly rinse away any suds. Should you want to wax your floors, carefully follow the instructions to eliminate any slippery residue.

5. Check Your Pipes

A pipe can burst in a blink of an eye, but that does not mean there won’t be any warning signals. It is a good idea to check your water pipes each month for leaks or developing cracks. While it may seem an unnecessary monthly task, you will be happy should you find a leak and are able to fix it prior to the pipe bursting.

Keeping your apartment safe for visitors and the building’s other residents is not difficult and extremely worth the effort. Ensuring that your rugs and décor are secure and keeping an eye on the apartment’s wiring and plumbing will assist you in avoiding accidents.

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