8 Fire Safety Tips for Studio Apartment Dwellers

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When it comes to studio apartments you have to be extra conscious of fire safety. Here are 8 fire safety tips for studio apartment dwellers:

1. Escape Plan

Studio apartments often only have the front door as a single entrance/exit. Studios rarely have access to a balcony, and some don’t even have windows. Consider these things carefully before renting a studio apartment. Come up with an escape plan. If you have a window, make sure you can access it in a hurry to get out, in case there’s a fire. Know your way around the building, and where all the emergency exits are, so you can find your way out in an emergency.

2. Smoke Detector

Make sure your studio apartment has a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Check the batteries and test the detectors regularly to make sure they’re working properly.

3. Fire Extinguisher

Many states require apartments to have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Having one present isn’t enough. It’s best to have at least two. Make sure you know how to use them properly. Some extinguishers are not recommended for certain types of fires. For example, some extinguishers are specifically designed to deal with grease fires or other types of kitchen fires, while some are better for electrical fires. If your apartment doesn’t have a fire extinguisher (or smoke detectors), talk to your landlord and let him know you need some.

4. Candles & Incense

Be extra cautious when using anything that has an open flame, because of the confined space,. Never leave candles unattended. The same rule applies for incense. If you leave these items burning and you’re not paying attention, a fire could start and quickly spread.

5. Hazardous Materials

Don’t store things like gasoline or other automotive chemicals in your studio apartment. They’re highly flammable, and even the fumes from these things can help start a fire if they come into contact with a spark.

6. Heating

Don’t use the heater or heating system in your apartment as a shelf for small items. Keep them clear of anything that has potential to catch fire. If you use a space heater in the winter, make sure to use it properly. Never leave it unattended, and make sure it’s several feet away from furniture. Also, don’t put space heaters on carpets.

7. Electrical Cords

Periodically inspect the cords on your electrical appliances-everything from the vacuum cleaner to your blender. Make sure the cords aren’t frayed or damaged. A spark from these could cause a fire. Don’t run electrical cords beneath the carpet, because they could cause a fire if they become damaged inadvertently.

8. Renter’s Insurance

Insurance can’t prevent a fire, but it can help you replace your possessions if they’re destroyed in one. It will also provide a limited amount of legal protection from your neighbors, if a fire starts and you’re at fault. Renter’s insurance is inexpensive, and you might be able to add it to your auto insurance coverage plan.

The confined space in a studio apartment is the biggest issue when it comes to fire safety tips. Make sure you have an exit plan, and know how to get out of your apartment in the event of a fire.

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    Do you have any helpful hints on safety for basement apartments?


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