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How to Lower Apartment Broker Fees

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When you’re looking to sign a lease agreement for a monthly rent apartment using an apartment broker can be the right move. Although a fee is required for this service there are ways on how to lower apartment broker fees. How do Apartment Brokers Work? Apartment real estate brokers make their entire salary by the […] read more

What a Housing Counselor Can Do for First-Time Renters

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Finding a housing counselor can be a good idea for first time renters, or those who feel they need assistance with finding affordable housing as tenants. Housing counseling services are often provided on a state level. Some of them may be associated with the national Housing and Urban Development agency. Others are simply local resources […] read more

A Guide to Using Apartment Rental Agencies

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If you’re new to the area, and want to make the most informed decision about where you should move, apartment rental agencies are almost always worthwhile. You pay a fee for the service, but a local agency will provide you with a summary of virtually every community in the area. Usually, in a very easy to read […] read more

5 Tips for a Successful Apartment Warming Party

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To celebrate your move, you’re planning an apartment warming party. You want to celebrate your new life with those you care about and possibly your new neighbors, but you’re not sure what kind of party you should throw. Here are some tips to make your apartment warming party a successful one: 1. Set the Right […] read more

Apartment Hunting: Finding the Right Neighborhood for You

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Finding the right neighborhood is the first step in the apartment hunting process. Once you know which neighborhood you want to live in, you’ll be able to focus on finding the right apartment. Your neighborhood is reflective of your personality and ultimately a place where you call home. Therefore, it becomes even more important to […] read more

Searching for an Apartment with your Cell Phone

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People spend a lot of time on the go these days, making it harder to dedicate time to searching for a new apartment at their home computer. Instead, it's far more likely that an apartment hunter will squeeze in a search during the commute to work or during a few minutes waiting if he or she has a phone capable of browsing online. But most websites just aren't easy to use on a phone: classified listings may be impossible to read on such a small screen and few sites dedicated to aggregating apartment listings have been optimized for use on a mobile browser. read more

Kiplinger’s Guide to Apartment Renting

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A user passed along this article as a good overview of how to get the most out of your rental, and we thought you might find it interesting and informative. Here's a summary from the full article; click the link below to read these tips and the comments from this top personal finance website publisher. read more

When a Registered Sex Offender Lives Near You

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Remember the good old days, when finding an apartment was as easy as walking up to the landlord and asking if there were any vacancies? Today, apartment hunting is a bit more involved, leaving renters with many things to consider before choosing a place to live. For instance, it's no longer the noisy neighbor--you know, the one who plays Molly Hatchet CDs until two in the morning who is the big problem. The real concern is the kindly neighbor in Apartment 12, who just happens to be a registered sex offender. In this day and age, the old hippie with the love for southern rock may just turn out to be your favorite neighbor. read more

Housing Discrimination: What You Can Do if You Think You’re a Victim

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David, a Mexican-American, was looking for an affordable one-bedroom apartment in the Washington, D.C. area. After spotting an ad in the local paper, he called the landlord who described what sounded like the perfect apartment over the phone. But when David showed up to meet the landlord and tour the apartment, he was told it was no longer available. David suspects that the landlord would rather not rent to him because of his race. read more