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How to Convince Your Company to Reimburse Relocation Costs

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When your company asks you to take on a new role across town or halfway across the world, relocation costs can be a big factor in how your job change affects you. Unfortunately, not all companies are likely to be willing to reimburse individuals for the cost of moving, even if the company originally asked […] read more

How to Find Reliable Local Movers

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Local movers are likely to be more affordable than corporations with fixed fees and hidden charges for every fifteen minutes or so that a move goes over its planned estimation. You’ll usually get the best deal when you opt for local moving companies. Word of Mouth The best way to find a moving company that […] read more

What a Housing Counselor Can Do for First-Time Renters

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Finding a housing counselor can be a good idea for first time renters, or those who feel they need assistance with finding affordable housing as tenants. Housing counseling services are often provided on a state level. Some of them may be associated with the national Housing and Urban Development agency. Others are simply local resources […] read more

A Guide to Using International Moving Services

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When you’re going to relocate abroad and you need the moving services of a reliable international mover, you may not know what to look for. This article offers tips for choosing the right mover. What Services Do You Deed? Consider well in advance what needs to be taken care of. Among which, what items to […] read more

What Professional Relocation Services Will Do For You

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Professional relocation services can do just about anything you need done when you’re going to move, whether locally, to another state or province or abroad. They vie with each other to offer transferees satisfaction in terms of service quality and cost. The following paragraphs show what they will do for you to eliminate or minimize […] read more