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How Do Neighborhood Home Values Influence Rental Prices?

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It is important to consider neighborhood home values before investing in a property with the intention of renting it out as there is a correlation between rental prices and home values of a neighborhood. The quality of the neighborhood where you buy your home is important as it will influence the type to renters you […] read more

3 Signs that You Can Get a Better Deal on Rent

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When searching for a new apartment or renewing your current lease, you should investigate whether you might be able to obtain a better deal on rent. There are many signs that your landlord would be willing to negotiate a deal with you. Remember, it never hurts to ask; the worst that can happen is that […] read more

Cheap Renters Insurance: Too Good To Be True?

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You could shop for cheap renters insurance on the Internet but you need to be wary of quotes that are too good to be true. If you get a quote that’s very low you must first find out the terms and conditions that are listed on the insurance contract. You should also find out about […] read more

Tips For Finding Furnished Rooms For Rent

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If you’re looking for furnished rooms for rent you have to keep a few things in mind so that you find yourself a good place to live, without blowing your budget. The easiest way to find furnished rooms for rent is to look up the Internet. There are several websites that help you find accommodation […] read more

What to Expect from the Income Requirement for Apartments

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An income requirement is fairly standard for most of the landlords and property management firms that rent properties. Some rental seekers who have not run into this requirement before will be surprised that they need to show sufficient income in order to rent. However, it’s legal for a landlord to require this, even though not […] read more

Apartment Credit: How to Prove Ability to Pay if You Get Paid by Cash

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Apartment credit is difficult to prove if you commonly pay or are paid by tenants in cash. Paying by cash can make it difficult for a tenant to prove he is able to pay rent and for a landlord to determine whether to rent an apartment to a tenant with little to no rental history. […] read more

Moving to Another State: Why It’s Beneficial to Visit the Area during the Worst Weather Season

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Moving to another state is extremely exciting; however, it also means entering into an area which is relatively unknown. Choosing to move to another state is a very big decision that requires not only identifying the area in which you would like to live, but making sure you like the state in general. A major […] read more

Choosing from Four Atlanta Suburbs

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Atlanta suburbs comprise historic areas as well as neighborhoods that denote eclectic tastes. Some of the preferred suburbs in the Atlanta metropolitan area include Decatur, Druid Hills, North Decatur, and the Oakhurst communities. 1 – Decatur, Georgia The city of Decatur was settled where Sandtown and Shallowford intersect, two key Native American pathways. Established at the […] read more

Street Parking: Do’s and Don’t’s

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Regardless of whether in a suburb or urban area, street parking puts your automobile at risk. Because of this, you should always take extra care when parking your car on the street to ensure that a little damage and problems have the potential for developing. Below is advice on what you should and should not […] read more