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Protecting Your Belongings During a Move: Understanding Mover’s Valuation and Insurance

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Take a quick survey of your friends and chances are, many of them can share horror stories about moving companies that damaged their property during a move. This isn't surprising because lots of things can go wrong. Delicate items can be bumped and broken, boxes can be lost and both your new and old apartments can be damaged during the moving process. Many people assume that a moving company has insurance to cover loss and damage. The truth is a little more complicated. Because companies that offer insurance are regulated by the state, most moving companies do not actually offer insurance. Many moving companies do offer some protection to clients in the form of mover's valuation. read more

How Renters Insurance Policies Differ between Apartments and Condominiums

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Renters insurance is a necessary purchase for any apartment dweller. The coverage provided and a renter’s needs, however, change depending on whether the space is an apartment or a condominium. Knowing which policy will best fit your needs is essential to purchasing the correct policy. Definition: Apartment v. Condominium In an apartment, a renter has […] read more

5 Tips for Getting the Best Renters Insurance Rates

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Getting the best renters insurance rates, or tenant insurance, will help you save money. The amount you save could be just what you need to pay for your next tank of gas, or money that could go towards your rent payment. Here are 5 tips for getting the best rates: 1. Multiple Policy Discounts Ask […] read more

Tips for Saving Money on Your Renters Insurance

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It’s important to use as many tips for saving money as you can when times are tough. This includes your renters insurance, also referred to as tenant insurance. Get a Discount You can get a discount on renters insurance if you buy your policy from your car insurance company. These companies want you to buy […] read more

What Will Renter’s Insurance Cost Me?

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Lots of those who rent a home, whether it’s a house or apartment, may be looking at a renters insurance cost to see how this insurance product would factor into their household budget. Although there are averages for these kinds of costs, the cost of rental insurance varies according to what is covered, as well […] read more

Understanding Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance protects your personal property when you live in an apartment or other rentals. You alone are responsible for anything that happens to your belongings, not your landlord. Here are some basics to review to help you understand renters insurance: Property Insurance vs. Renters Insurance Your landlord has insurance on your apartment that will […] read more

Getting Renters Insurance Quotes

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We’ve already learned that it’s important to obtain renter’s insurance if you don’t own your own home since your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your personal property. Getting a good deal on renter’s insurance starts with shopping around and knowing what you need. Be clear on what you want insured and how much it’s worth, and consider the type of coverage you want before shopping around. Don’t be talked into buying a policy that provides coverage you don’t need. read more