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5 Low-Maintenance Pets to Consider

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Low maintenance pets are wonderful in that they enable you to have warmth and something to care for in your home without requiring much effort. While you may want a pet, you may not have unlimited time or funds to dedicate to an animal. Fortunately, there are several pets out there that require minimal effort. […] read more

Typical Terms of Pet Friendly Rentals

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Finding pet friendly rentals is a must for animal lovers who rent. Since finding the right pet friendly condo or apartment that also meets your other needs can take a little extra effort, you want to be sure to follow the rules so you can stay there a long time. Most pet friendly apartments and […] read more

Weird Pets Found in Apartments

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Most apartments that accept pets focus on cats and dogs—animals generally left lose to wreak unlimited havoc on apartments. But what about unusual pets that spend most of their time caged? Here’s an article on animals that may be more attractive to your landlord than dogs that like to dig or cats that like to scratch. Read on and maybe you’ll find your perfect animal match! read more