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Creating an Exercise Regimen for Working Out at Home

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You don’t need to buy a gym membership or invest in expensive, bulky equipment in order to get in shape and follow an exercise regimen. There are many things you can do inside even the smallest apartment that will make you fit and toned in no time. Follow these ideas for creating an exercise program […] read more


Save Money with a Home Gym

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You don’t have to spend excess money on membership fees to a health club when you invest in a home gym. There are simple tools and equipment you can buy that will get you the physical and health results you want, for a fraction of the cost of paying to access a commercial gym. Here […] read more

Space-Saving Exercise Equipment

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You may think having exercise equipment in your apartment takes up too much space, but you are wrong. In today’s fitness market, there are many space saving equipment options available. Owning your own exercise equipment doesn’t have to mean giving up extensive floor space in your apartment. Treadmills Treadmills can be purchased at most department stores […] read more

Apartment Workout Room Etiquette

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Having a workout room in your apartment building can greatly enhance your quality of life. Aside from improving your health and reducing stress, it can provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors. Unlike members of a fitness club, the people using your apartment workout room are also your neighbors, who you live with and see […] read more

Creating an Exercise Space in Your Apartment

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Creating an exercise space in your apartment requires little or no space at all, and provides the added benefit of possibly being more cost efficient than joining a gym. Being able to exercise in your apartment also puts an end to the procrastination of going to the gym. Large Spaces Not Required For those of […] read more