Looking for a Dog Daycare? 8 Questions to Ask

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When it’s time to board your dog away from home, professional dog daycare services can help. However, not all of these pet boarding companies are equal, and asking some good thorough questions at the outset can get pet owners more for their canines when they have to go their temporary ways. Here are some of the common questions asked by pet owners who are looking for the best pet boarding facilities.

2. How Do You Handle Dog Socialization?

Different kennels and boarding clubs have their own strategies for getting dogs to interact peacefully when there is common recreation time or any time that they share facilities. It’s important to ask about this in order to make sure your dog doesn’t have a chance of being harmed by other dogs.

2. What Is Your Kennel Size?

The size of dog enclosures at the boarding facility can be important. You want your animal to have enough space to move around comfortably, not be cramped in some corner cage.

3. What Do You Feed Boarded Dogs?

The typical answer: dog food. Some pet owners who are more picky about feeding their dogs will want to make sure the grub at the local boarding facility is up to their standards.

4. Does My Dog Get Human Interaction?

Staff who will interact with the dogs is largely a positive at a daycare facility, although in some cases, it can be an issue. Owners of aggressive dogs or those with special interaction needs should inform the boarding facility before bringing their dog there.

5. Will My Dog Be Walked or Exercised?

Walking and other “extras” add more value to the services of a dog daycare facility. Be sure to ask about how much of these are included in a single boarding day.

6. How Informed and Professional Is Your Staff?

When it comes to dog sitting, dog boarding, dog walking or any other similar service, the skill and compassion of staff members is extremely important. This is one of the most important factors in whether your dog has a good experience at a facility. Ask about screening for employees and how the business brings the best dog handlers to its services.

7. What Is Security Like at Your Facility?

A good boarding kennel or other dog daycare should be able to provide information on how they ensure that dogs will not get loose or run away. There’s also the issue of protecting dogs from the general public. Just a few good questions will help put this issue to rest.


. Do You Have Insurance?

Some facilities also carry insurance in case anything were to happen there. That doesn’t mean that your dog is likely to come to harm, but having coverage for incidents as minor as flea infestations is a general plus. Every dog owner has their own opinions on how important insurance is for a dog daycare business, but asking a few questions can’t hurt.

All of these inquiries can help dog owners find the best local places to board their pets on a regular basis.

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