Combo Living and Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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The key to maximize your space is to effectively combine your living and dining room spaces into one. Before you decide on how you will put your space together, you need to consider your style and your preferences for entertaining. Are you a casual entertainer or do you prefer a more formal setting? Are you having friends over to watch the game and barbecue some ribs or do you typically host sit-down dinner parties?

Combined Living Room and Dining for the Casual Entertainer

If you are the casual entertainer, you may want to bypass purchasing a dining table altogether. One good option is to consider is a sectional with built-in pullout tables and cup holders. They are a bit pricier than standard sectionals, but are a good investment, especially if you don’t have the space for a separate dining room area. Sectionals come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to suit your personal style. If you have a small apartment, you can select a compact sectional and place a coffee or TV table at each end. The nice thing about sectionals is that they can be broken up to fit your space. You can divide the sectional and place a coffee table in the middle as well as at both ends.  This will provide plenty of space for your guests to watch the game while they enjoy their barbecue.

Expand the Dining Area Into Your Balcony

Another way to expand your dining area is to extend it onto your balcony. Many apartments have balconies. Why not take advantage of that additional space for entertaining? All you really need is a couple of cushioned chairs or a love-seat and a coffee table where your guests can place their plates and beverages. Make the space more inviting by lining the balcony with a few carefully placed container plants for privacy. If you have the space, place an outdoor umbrella in the corner of your balcony so that your guests can enjoy some shade.

Ideas for a More Formal Setting

If you prefer a more formal setting for entertaining your guests but don’t have the space for a full dining room, a buffet table can be a great solution. You can place a buffet table against a wall and use it to display a beautiful vase and family photos. The buffet table can hold all of your fancy dinner plates underneath and out of site. By using a loveseat and a variety of elegant chairs as everyday seating in your living room, you will have everything you need for your next dinner party. Before your guests arrive for dinner, all you need to do is pull out the buffet table and artfully arrange the loveseat and chairs around it. Next, bring out your formal dinner plates that are stored underneath your buffet table and you are ready to entertain.

By using standard pieces of furniture in new, creative ways, you can effectively combine your living and dining room into one area without having to sacrifice style.

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  1. March 11, 2010 at 10:16 am, Dining Room said:

    I’m about to move into a place where the space is a quite small. With the tips that you have given here, it gave me ideas on how I could set up my living and dining room the combo way. Being creative really works. Now I can’t wait to set up my living and dining room area. Thank you for the great tips!


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