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Two men hanging out nad playing guitar in their bachelor pad.

Bringing Your Dream Bachelor Pad to Life

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Bachelor pads have been around for as long as single men. Even the popular “man cave” is just another offshoot of the concept — a cheap knockoff of what used to be referred to as a nobleman’s nest, a king’s kingdom, or a prince’s palace. While today’s man caves typically consist of little more than […] read more

Worry-Free Bachelor Pad Decorating

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“Bachelor Pad” conjures up a range of images in different people’s minds. Some think dirty towels (or worse) on the floor, empty stereo boxes for a coffee table, and a complete lack of decoration. Others think big bed, killer stereo, and lots of mood lighting. The reality depends very much on the person, their interest […] read more

Bachelor Pad Decorating: Bedding Dos and Don’ts

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When it comes to decorating a bachelor pad apartment, you have more freedom than when decorating most other homes you’ll likely live in. A bachelor pad is meant to cater to who you are as an individual and what pursuits and passions mean the most to you. Therefore, there’s more of an anything goes in […] read more

Bachelor Pad Cooking: 5 Simple Ways to Impress

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When you’re living in a bachelor pad, the assumption is that you don’t know how to cook and that you’re eating out most of the time. If you’ve fallen into that trap, it’s time to get out of it. Why not take a big step and invite a guest or two over for a meal […] read more

Convert Your Studio into a Bachelor Pad with less than $500

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Interior design ideas for your bachelor pad don’t have to be intimidating. You can take simple steps to convert your studio into a bachelor pad with less than $500. Here’s how. Under the Bed Storage To control clutter, you’ll need lots of storage space. You can get cheap storage containers or get storage drawers that […] read more