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Two men hanging out nad playing guitar in their bachelor pad.

Bringing Your Dream Bachelor Pad to Life

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Bachelor pads have been around for as long as single men. Even the popular “man cave” is just another offshoot of the concept — a cheap knockoff of what used to be referred to as a nobleman’s nest, a king’s kingdom, or a prince’s palace. While today’s man caves typically consist of little more than […] read more

7 Must-Have Games When Hosting a Game Night

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Sometimes it’s hard to choose the right games to play for game night. The most important thing is to know is your guests and their capabilities. Some people thrive on intellectual games, while others prefer fast, loud, shout-out games. Choose wisely from this list of a few classics and then some. 1. Trivial Pursuit Since its […] read more

4 Hidden Costs of Living By Yourself

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Living by yourself can be more expensive due to unexpected, hidden costs. Whether it’s spending money on ways to deal with loneliness and boredom, or spending more money for renting an apartment, the costs of living alone can skyrocket if you’re not careful. Here are 4 expenses you should work hard to keep under control: 1. […] read more

Family Room Ideas for High-Tech Living

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All family room ideas should take into account how the room will be used, before focusing on style. A close second to family room furniture should be technology. If your family needs help thinking through the room’s technological needs, consider these simple ideas for high-tech family rooms. Computers with Wireless Internet The one place you […] read more

How to Mount a Flat TV on Your Wall

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Bringing a television off the floor or entertainment center and mounting that flat TV on the wall will add instant appeal and sophistication to any room. It will also save space and make your room seem larger and more comfortable. Never installed a wall mount TV? With these easy tips you soon will be hanging […] read more

Your Viewing Pleasure: TV Stand vs. Wall-Mounting

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When deciding between having your television wall-mounted or perched on a TV stand, there are some important variables to consider. This article will describe the pros and cons of each choice, and give you the necessary knowledge to choose the right setup for your home. Pros and Cons of Wall-Mounted Televisions With the advent of […] read more

Strategies to Save Money: Rent DVDs from the Library

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One of the best strategies to save money is to cut back on unnecessary spending, but how can you effectively unwind if you’re unable to keep yourself entertained? Watching films and TV shows is a commonly enjoyable pastime, but it can be an inexpensive hobby unless you head to the library, where you can rent […] read more

Choosing the Right Media Center for Your Living Room Space

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Before going out and buying equipment for a media center, knowing some basic information about your living room arrangement will help you in making the best decisions regarding the equipment. Therefore, you will be completely satisfied with your purchases. Choosing the Right Flat Screen Measure the distance of how far you will be sitting from […] read more

Apartment Entertaining: Poker Night!

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Looking for a simple party idea? Host a Vegas-inspired poker night! With minimal preparation, you can bring the casino to your apartment. Poker Supplies Buy or rent a portable/foldable poker table. These are usually covered in green felt and seat 4 to 6 people. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, just use your regular […] read more