Worry-Free Bachelor Pad Decorating

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bachelor pad“Bachelor Pad” conjures up a range of images in different people’s minds. Some think dirty towels (or worse) on the floor, empty stereo boxes for a coffee table, and a complete lack of decoration. Others think big bed, killer stereo, and lots of mood lighting. The reality depends very much on the person, their interest in their living space, and their budget. If you are looking for some tips to make your apartment visitor-worthy and one you enjoy coming home too, we have some ideas.

Don’t worry about your furniture

It’s okay if the thought of looking at couches or beds gives you hives. Think what you will use. If you know there are no dinner parties in your future and you’ll eat all your meals in front of the TV, why invest in a kitchen table? Save your time and energy by thinking about what pieces of furniture you will use, and then buy those.

If there’s an area “meant” to house a specific piece of furniture (i.e., a dining room table) repurpose the space. Turn it into your office with a desk, your library with shelves for books, music or movies and a comfy chair, or a game room with an extra TV and small couch. Know yourself and your living habits and design the space to fit your lifestyle – not the other way around.

Don’t worry about color

You don’t need to have hues of sea foam green on your walls to complement the paisley print on your couch. If your walls are white and you like them, leave them. White walls make a room look larger anyway. You can however pick a color as your primary and use it throughout the room. For example, brown, grey and black can all be used with very stylish results. The idea is not to be monochrome. Buy your couch in one color, and especially if it is dark, choose a chair in a complementing but lighter shade. The same goes for any tables, shelves or other furnishings in the room. Even tossing in a rug in a corresponding color will ensure your room doesn’t look boring.

Don’t worry about accessorizing

If “why” is the only word you can think of when cushions or scented candles are mentioned, don’t feel obligated to buy them. That goes for any household knickknack. Sure they give a room a personal touch and can be interesting conversation pieces, but if a headache develops whenever you think about what “should” go on your shelves, stop thinking. First of all, you have to dust the things. Second, put something on the shelf, table, or whenever that means something to you. Photos, items picked up when traveling, these are personal and will do more to enhance your space than any store bought curio.

Don’t worry about art

It would be nice to put a few things on your wall, but you don’t need to have an art history degree or invest in a Picasso to do okay in this department. First and foremost, choose something you want to see every day, cause let’s face it; you will be looking at it more than anyone else. Do you like photography, paintings, prints? You can find anything online these days – even prints of works by well-known artists. If you have no idea and just want something to hide the white space (or cover a hole in the wall) consider vintage posters. They look classy and you can find one that represents something you are interested in anyway, be it cars, sports, travel, etc. The key isn’t so much what you display but how. If you only decide on one large piece over the sofa, fine. But if the room will continue a couple of pieces, frame them in similar, or at least complementing frames and space them appropriately. Job done.

This apartment may be your one chance to have everything you want in a home, where you want it. Embrace the opportunity. Do it right and you’ll even make your mom proud.

Jacy is a freelance journalist specializing in art, design and culture. When not writing, reading or traveling she enjoys torturing her husband and dog with extremely long walks. Follow her on Google+.

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