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How a Previous Eviction Can Affect Your Current Apartment Lease Application

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Renting an apartment in today’s world almost always includes a lease application. Background checks, credit checks and a person’s demeanor are almost always used when choosing a renter; and having a previous eviction on your record is usually a huge red flag. Most landlords will not grant a second chance to you. They are usually looking for […] read more

Tenant Screening Explained

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Tenant screening is a process that most landlords and property management companies use to verify the credentials of a potential renter. The reports produced from tenant screening can range from a simple credit check to a registered sex offender check. Because a great amount of information is disclosed during the tenant screening process, all potential […] read more

Renting an Apartment Despite Bad Credit

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Being turned down from renting an apartment due to a poor credit score is a very frustrating experience, to say the least. Fortunately, there are ways around that situation, and this article will share some of them with you here. Credit Rating for Renting an Apartment First, a little background information on what your credit […] read more

How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

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As a potential renter, you need to approach your rental application as professionally as possible. What many people do not realize is that you are actually being evaluated on whether or not the rental community will see you as a good fit. In order to maintain cohesiveness about their property and lifestyle for renters, there […] read more

How to Fill Out a Rental Application Form

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Filling out a rental application form is a fact of life when seeking a new place to live. You’ll likely end up filling out at least half a dozen before you find the perfect match in apartment and approval. Proper preparation can make the whole process flow much easier. Always bring along two forms of […] read more

Emergency Contacts on Your Rental Application

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When you’re filling out a rental application, you’ll almost always be asked to list an emergency contact. On some applications, you may be asked to write down as many as three names and phone numbers. Who do you put down? Your parents? Another family member? A friend? A co-worker? The biggest question is which family […] read more

Helpful Tips in Filling Out a Lease Application

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A landlord may ask you to fill out a lease application before considering you as a tenant. This helps to screen out tenants who don’t pay rent or pose other problems. They will ask for personal information, references, and proof of work. How well you complete the application determines whether the landlord will give you […] read more

Don’t Go Broke From Application Fees

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When considering multiple apartments, the application fee for each apartment can quickly add up. It’s enough to make renters looking to save money just sign the lease on the first somewhat livable apartment they find. However, there are a few ways you can keep yourself from going broke from application fees, and still get the […] read more

Info About That Annoying Application Fee

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More than a few landlords charge an application fee for prospective tenants. If you’re looking at more than one apartment, though, those application fees can add up quickly. But you don’t have to take those fees at face value. An apartment manager uses application fees to cover the cost of making sure that a prospective […] read more