How a Previous Eviction Can Affect Your Current Apartment Lease Application

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Renting an apartment in today’s world almost always includes a lease application. Background checks, credit checks and a person’s demeanor are almost always used when choosing a renter; and having a previous eviction on your record is usually a huge red flag. Most landlords will not grant a second chance to you. They are usually looking for people with good credit and a squeaky-clean background. But, rest assured that there actions to take to be given a second chance.

Provide Co-Signer

By providing a co-signer who has no felonies, and one with great credit, the landlord might overlook the previous eviction, depending on the reason. With the signature of a co-signer, the landlord might be more comfortable renting the unit. This will ensure that if you don’t pay the rent he will have another person to collect the money from, giving the landlord more peace of mind about renting to you.

Give Higher Deposit

By providing more cash upfront as a security deposit, the landlord might be willing to work with you. Having the knowledge that they will have an extra month’s rent from you might be the incentive they need to sign you as  a renter.

This website allows your lease to be guaranteed. By paying the $50 monthly payment to the, this takes the place of your security deposit. Check out their website for locations this is available, and learn the landlord’s rules regarding the service.

Fix The Mistake

By paying the previous landlord the balance due, this will show your willingness to take responsibility for your actions. This might show that you have made amends with the previous landlord, and that you are now ready to move forward.

Be Honest About The Problem

By telling the landlord about the eviction before he reads about it on your background check report will show him you are not trying to hide it. Explain the situation to him. If it was lack of payment due to a lay-off or other financial difficulty, he might be willing to work with you, especially if you have the rent and deposit money in your hand.

Following these guidelines will not guarantee you of renting a place, but they are steps to help better the odds. You might get lucky and find a landlord who doesn’t do background checks. They may old school and base their opinions of people based on what the see, not what they read.

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