Four Factors to Consider When Moving in to Your Denver Apartment

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There are a number of factors to consider when moving to your new Denver apartment. If you are moving locally, you may be aware of some of these items to consider but remember these important details in order to make the best decision on an apartment. If moving in from out of state it is even more important to know what to take into consideration when choosing your apartment.

The “Mile High City” is a great place to relocate to, but be aware that Denver has a higher cost of living than many other cities, especially if you want to live downtown. Take into consideration where you are moving from how it compares to Denver. Also, factor in all moving costs for getting into your new apartment so you are financially prepared for the move.

1. Traffic

Denver has accomplished a lot over recent years to try to improve traffic around Denver including a lightrail system but there is still heavy traffic in certain areas of town during rush hour. Take into consideration where you will be working when choosing an apartment. The commute to Boulder or Colorado Springs may not seem bad but during rush hour it may take a lot longer than you think, especially during those winter snow storms. Also, consider an apartment near a lightrail or bus station if you wish to use this for your commute.

2. Location

Living within the city of Denver itself can be very convenient and exciting but it also usually means a higher cost of living. There are many suburban areas surrounding Denver, some within a ten minute drive, that usually offer a cheaper alternative. The suburban neighborhoods to the west of Denver are also right in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and offer many outings such as hiking and biking, along with quick access to the mountains.

3. Neighborhoods

Within the city of Denver there are many unique neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are older with a lot of history to them and include big trees and wonderful parks or you may want to opt for a more urban lifestyle with a high rise apartment or loft right downtown where you can walk to local restaurants and bars. Many neighborhoods offer local recreation centers as well that include classes and events at a discounted price for those living in that area of town.

4. Price

Denver has a wide range of costs of living. The lofts downtown can cost a pretty penny but as you move outwards from the downtown area, in general, the costs usually begin to drop. The east and northeast side of town usually offers the most budget friendly options but keep in mind where you will be commuting to and how much that will cost you as well. There are also certain pockets throughout the city that you may notice a price drop but be sure to investigate the part of town first, it may mean that this section of town is a little rougher than others.

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