Apartment Hunting: 5 Top Amenities for Students

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Students who are apartment hunting should search for apartments that will make their lives easier. As a student, you may not need the same apartment amenities as young professionals or small families, for example, so think about your lifestyle when searching. Besides convenience to your school and jobs, look for at least some of the following amenities in the apartments that you’re considering:

1. Apartment Complex Laundry

While an in-apartment washer and dryer may be the most convenient way to wash your clothes, they’ll also raise the rent considerably. As a student, you won’t have to wash your clothes as often as a small family, for example, so you can do without a washer and dryer in your apartment—in fact, your apartment may not even have the space.

However, having to lug your clothes to the laundromat is a pain, so your apartment hunting should center on finding an apartment with a shared apartment complex laundromat available.

2. Thick, Soundproof (or Virtually Soundproof) Walls

Older apartment complexes or buildings converted into apartments often share a common factor: the apartments are separated by flimsy walls. As a student, you may be living in the same complex as many other students or you could have non-student neighbors.

Regardless, there will be many times when you need to be able to concentrate to study or do homework and your neighbors may be causing a disturbance. Conversely, there may be times when you want to host a gathering and you may need to keep your neighbors from being disturbed by your party. The thicker the walls, the better your chances of keeping noises contained.

3. Apartment Complex Fitness Center

Student apartment hunting should including looking for an apartment complex with an exclusive fitness center. Although your college campus may have a gym or track to which you’ll have access, it’s more convenient to have a wealth of exercise equipment available at your apartment complex, so you can easily squeeze a workout into your busy schedule. Not having to keep any exercise equipment inside your apartment will also free up more space in what’s likely to be a small apartment with limited space.

4. Apartment Complex Lounge or Library

A relatively new apartment amenity—but one you’re more likely to find close to a college campus than not—is the apartment complex lounge and/or library. Similar to a coffee shop, the lounge will allow you to mingle with your neighbors or find a comfortable chair in which to relax and study, giving you an opportunity to get out of your apartment and clear your head when you need a change of pace.

The “libraries” aren’t often extensive, but you may find an interesting book to read—or you can bring your own.

5. In-Unit Security

When apartment hunting as a student, you’ll likely gravitate toward apartment complexes near the campus that are full of other students. In this relaxed environment, sometimes the invasion of privacy can be an issue or students might forget to take simple precautions to help prevent them from becoming the victims of crime. Having an apartment with a security system on top of the lock and key will give you added peace of mind.

Apartment hunting as a student means that you won’t have to get the largest, most expensive apartment—but you don’t want to rent the first cheap apartment you can find. Make sure that the apartment you rent has at least some of these amenities so that your life as a student is less stressful.

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