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6 Reason to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

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A renter has few options when it comes to cooling an apartment, which is why so many buy a portable air conditioner. You can’t install a central air conditioning system, and then take it with you to the next apartment. That costs too much money, and the idea isn’t practical. Besides the affordability, here are […] read more

4 Reasons to Stay Away from a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

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A ventless portable air conditioner is not a smart choice for a cooling system in most cases. Portable air conditioners are vented or non-vented, with the former using a single hose or double hose that attaches to the outside of the window. An air conditioner that can vent produces the best cooling results, and requires […] read more

The Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier

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Until recent years, very few people heard of or considered purchasing a portable air conditioner/dehumidifier. Today, you’ll find home improvement experts, air conditioning service professionals and renters singing the praises of this device. It solves cooling problems, while giving the most flexibility to tenants in an apartment living situation. There are many benefits to owning […] read more