What to Do with Your Furniture: Moving and Storage

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There is a lot to think about regarding moving and storage in any kind of relocation situation. One of those issues is what to do with old furniture. In some cases, households will want to take their sofas, chairs and other furniture with them. Other times it might be best to dump the old and welcomed the new. Here are some general considerations for figuring out what to do with old furniture.

Doing Away with Old Furniture

If your sofa or other piece of furniture is not in great condition, and you’re open to paying a bit extra for a new set, you may want to look at getting rid of the old stuff rather than tracking it all over the country. Those looking to offload older furnishings can look into these options:

  • Municipal Pickup – Your city or county will often have specific days where waste management staff will pick up old furniture. Figure out when these pickup times are for your community, and think about taking advantage of a municipal pickup to get your old items off of your hands.
  • Craigslist – Big mega sites like this free Internet resource are great way to get rid of old furniture. Specific craigslist forums rely on the old adage that ” one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – you’ll often find individuals willing to pick up items, or even pay a few dollars for an older piece of furniture. Craigslist can also be an option for furniture that same some significant value, where quick sale is a necessity.
  • Hauling – If your community has limitations on municipal pickup, you may end up having to make a run to the dump yourself. Make sure to have some cash on hand, as most community dumps charge for disposal.

Remember, leaving old furniture behind will also cost renters, as landlords might use the security deposit to pay for the costs of hauling things off.

Moving and Storage Options

For families and individuals who are unsure what to do with old furniture, but don’t want to spend on keeping it in storage facilities, new mobile storage options may be a solution. Storage pods or movable storage containers can give families affordable ways to deal with furniture and other goods that they need to keep somewhere on an interim basis.

With storage pods, customers can keep all of their possessions on their own property, or arrange for a moving date to a new destination. Companies can charge lower fees for these movable storage spaces, since they don’t have to provide extensive upkeep and other overhead that traditional storage facilities have.

Self Moving Furniture

If you are attached to your furniture, consider a storage pod or conventional storage space, or rent a budget truck to help you get your favorite pieces to their destination. A lot of furniture can fit into a standard truck, and the do it yourself option can save a lot of money. You may want to invest in renting or buying tie downs, blankets and hand trucks to keep furniture in good condition during transit.

The above represents some popular options for dealing with old furniture during a move.

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