Stow Your Stuff on the Cheap with Portable Self Rental Units

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If you’re looking for a storage rental solution that won’t have you spending hundreds of dollars, portable self rental units might be just the thing. These kinds of portable storage units are providing the basis for many more moves, both short-term and long-term, that today’s households are considering for vacating a home or residence or for transitioning into a new one. These budget storage solutions are great money savers for those who are keeping an eye on the bottom line of their storage costs over time.

Portable Storage Container Service: How It Works

With portable storage units, a company delivers a storage unit to your location. These storage units often have flooring that is compatible with a forklift pallet design, so that specific company machinery can easily load or unload them to and from flatbed trucks. Customers can order a specific size unit to fit their cargo needs. Portable storage units are weather resistant and lockable, so they effectively function much like a regular storage unit. Customers can specify an amount of time for renting these portable units, or schedule a pick-up date and drop-off date for a specific destination where they will unload their possessions.

Cost Savings with Portable Storage Units

One main advantage of self storage units is in cost savings, but the cost savings come from many different aspects. The first kind of cost savings is related to labor, since the individual storing or moving possessions does all of the work unassisted. There are also no facilities costs, since the storage unit is housed on the customer’s own property or some other private property space. Moving costs are greatly lowered, since instead of renting an entire truck, a customer has one self storage unit, where multiple units can fit onto a truck for simultaneous delivery.

Drawbacks to Portable Storage Units

The main drawback to these kinds of storage facilities is that customers do not get the kind of environmental controls that are present in some self storage sites. Portable self storage units are only for certain kinds of storage, where hardier materials will stand up to some amount of temperature fluctuation or humidity. In other cases, it’s best to seek better environmental control for your storage space, especially in a long term storage plan.

Different Kinds of Portable Storage Units

Different companies compete in offering portable storage units to customers. One company that has been around a long time is known as PODS, or Portable On Demand Storage. These kinds of storage containers are deployed all over the country for various kinds of moving services. Other companies have their own unique setups for ordering and purchasing portable container storage.

Potential customers can get a better idea of specific rates for local companies by getting a series of price quotes online from portable storage services. Make sure to inquire about specific security devices and weatherproofing for units, to get great, effective storage at a fraction of the price of a location-based storage facility or a cheaper move than one you get from a traditional moving company.

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