5 Overlooked Moving Costs

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When it comes time to move, there are moving costs that generally get overlooked. When you look back at the move, you wonder where all the extra money went. In order to avoid that, take a look at these options.

1. Security Deposit and Fees

Moving from one apartment to the other often requires putting down a security deposit for your new place. If you were banking on your security deposit being returned from your old place, but received less then what you were estimating, you will end up paying out more money then expected. In worst case scenarios, you might have to pay fees for terminating your lease early or leaving your old place in such disarray that your security deposit couldn’t cover all of the damages.

If you have a pet, make sure to check if there is a pet deposit required at your new place.

2. Storage Costs

If you will be moving into a place that is not yet ready, you will need to factor in the cost of storage. There are some dual function moving and storage companies that will put together a package deal. Keep in mind, you will not only need to move the stuff to storage (and pay the monthly rent), but you will also have to re-move those items to your new location.

There are also moving and storage companies that have the storage and move built into one. Such an example would be a POD. They drop of the storage unit, pick it up when you are ready, take it to their storage location, house it for however long you choose, and then drop it off to your new location.

3. Cost of Actual Move

If you plan on renting a truck and loading and unloading yourself, you can generally save money. Be aware that you not only pay for the rental, but pay for miles put on the truck and gas. You also might incur more costs if you need to rent dollies, moving blankets or ramps. Weigh these moving costs before you decide to hire someone or tackle the move on your own.

4. Supplies Cost

Seemingly small price tag items such as boxes, tape, labels, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap can quickly add up. However, this section is also the easiest to cut costs on. Help lower these costs by asking your local shops for empty boxes after they stock their shelves.

5. Moving Other Items

If you are moving a long distance, such as across the country, think about if you are going to drive your car(s) to your new location or if you are going to hire movers to transport your vehicle(s) for you. Most vehicle transportation companies are moving multiple vehicles at once and are subject to delays depending on what happens during transport.

If you have a beloved pet, also consider if you are going to take him on that long car ride with you or if he’s flying with you to your new location. Look into flight fees and potential vet fees if the airline requires you to certify that your pet is in good health to fly.

Being organized and ready for the unexpected is always a great tool for preventing overlooked costs. On your next move, be ready and consider all of these moving costs that can easily be overlooked by anyone!

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