The Key to Finding a Great Roommate

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Whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the side by renting out a room or looking for a house share, a good roommate is something that will make your life significantly better. Unfortunately, for some people finding the right roommate can seem impossible. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation it’s not only possible, but easy!

Here are some simple tips to finding the right roommate for you:

Make a List

Making a list of everything that you require your roommate to have or not have will definitely aid you in your search. By making it clear that don’t want a roommate that smokes or has certain habits, you make life easier for yourself and save both parties a future confrontation. You wouldn’t order pizza when you actually wanted a burger and fries, right? So why do the same when it comes to the person you live with? The bottom line is to always make it clear about both your expectations and requirements from the get-go in order to avoid disappointments and unnecessary arguments later down the line.

Meet Your Prospective Roommate

A lot of people will tick all your boxes on paper and yet when you meet them, you feel something is “off”. You ignore this feeling and later find out that your new roommate is actually a shady character and you have people from all walks of life showing up at your doorstep at 3 am. The best way to avoid this is to meet your prospective roommate for coffee or a quick bite beforehand to feel them out. The worst that can happen is that you end up wasting a little time, however that is much wiser than ending up sharing a bathroom or kitchen with someone who isn’t scrupulous.

Be the Roommate You’d Want

There is an old saying whereby “If you want to find a friend, you must be a friend first”. The same thing goes for a roommate. In order to find a great roommate to live with, it is imperative that you are a great one yourself. Ask yourself if you would live with yourself. Do you do your bit to keep your place tidy and are you respectful towards others? Sharing a house with someone you don’t like is almost enough to put you off coming home! When you understand the key principle of kindness, tolerance and basic manners towards yourself, it becomes natural to extend it to others.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that finding the right roommate to live with is something that your friends and family can help with. Sometimes when we cannot trust the character of a complete stranger, having someone you know vet them helps. Allow those you trust  to steer you towards great roommates and potential friends for life!



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