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Renter’s Insurance: Why Should You Consider It?

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How many of your friends who live in apartments have renter’s insurance? Not many, right? That’s because renter’s insurance—another term for home and content insurance—is little-understood about how much it costs, what renter’s insurance covers, etc. That fact is that renter’s insurance is far from most people’s minds when they draw up a mental checklist of […] read more

4 Tips for Choosing a Renters Insurance Policy

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When choosing a renters insurance policy, you must determine whether the policy covers your belongings and, of course, fits within your budget. Always obtain multiple policy quotes and compare them before signing a contract. The below tips will help you choose a policy. 1. Check for Specialty Coverage Sure, the policy coverage amount will more […] read more

What to Look For when Comparing Homeowners’ Insurance

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A Homeowners Insurance comparison is an important task that every homeowner should perform before buying an insurance policy. It’s important for you to ensure that your house is covered by the best insurance plan. The following are a few things you should look for when you do an insurance comparison: 1. The Valuation Clauses The valuation […] read more

Bursting Your Bubble: Renters Insurance and Waterbeds

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Many landlords anticipate major damage when tenants move in with a waterbed, and they often require tenants to buy special renters insurance policies to cover potential damages. You could try to convince your landlord otherwise, but if he’s got his mind set, you’re going to have to buy or add-on coverage that’s specific for waterbeds. […] read more

Apartment Disaster Plan: Flood

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There’s no question that you’ll want to come up with a disaster plan for floods, if you live in a flood zone. Flash floods, though, can happen anywhere as a result of heavy rain storms, which means every renter, whether you live in a flood zone or not, should take preparing for floods seriously. Renters […] read more

5 Tips to Save Money on Renters Insurance

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Renters insurance is a great way to protect the value of your home’s possessions if you are a temporary dweller in your house or building, but not all renter’s insurance policies are created equal, and some can hit your wallet harder than others. Here are some tips to help you select the lowest cost for […] read more

Renting in San Francisco: 3 Laws You Should Know

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So, you have decided to move the beautiful bay city of San Francisco. Whether you have just received a job transfer or you are unsure of how long you will be residing there, you have decided that renting an apartment is best choice for you. But before you move to San Francisco, you should know […] read more

How to Keep Your Renters Insurance Premiums Low

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In the majority of cases, a renters insurance premium doesn’t tend to cost a whole lot of money. For many regions of the U.S., personal finance experts estimate standard costs as averaging around $30 a month. However, this always differs according to the amount of household possessions that is being covered, as well as many […] read more

8 Red-Flag Clauses of a Bad Landlord-Tentant Agreement

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For anyone who is reviewing a lease agreement prior to move-in, it helps to be able to identify some warning signs of a bad landlord tenant relationship that is waiting to happen. Sometimes, the clauses of a lease can be bad omens, where tenant rights hinge on a good reading and negotiation of “landlord laws” […] read more