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How Your Previous Rental History Affects Your Current Application

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Rental history is one of the primary things that your landlord will look at when you fill out a rental application. Your rental history can affect you positively or negatively. What is a Rental History? A rental history is a record of your previous rental experiences (of importance to your landlords). Each time you apply […] read more

Signing a Lease With a New Roommate

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When you decide to take on a roommate, there are some things you should consider before you sign a lease. Among them are considerations as to what happens if the roommate leaves, hanging you with the responsibility of the rent. Be on the Same Page You should always spell out every detail when you are […] read more

Finalizing a Lease Agreement: Look Before You Sign

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Before you sign a lease agreement, or any legal document for that matter, you should read it carefully. Once you have read it, read it again. It is a legal document, and you need to understand every single clause within the document, because once you sign it becomes binding and forms an agreement between you […] read more

The Basics of Entering Into an Apartment Rental Agreement

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An apartment rental agreement is a written or oral short-term tenancy agreement between you, as a renter, and a landlord. It is automatically renewed at the end of the period (usually 30-days), unless you or your landlord terminate it by written notice. This agreement creates a legal relationship (a contract) between the two of you. […] read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Rental Contract

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So you’ve found that perfect apartment, and now the last step is to sign the rental contract. Before signing the rental contract, there are 5 questions that you must ask the landlord. Make sure that you are comfortable with the landlord’s responses before signing. 1 – What Are the Terms of the Security Deposit? The […] read more

Top 5 Steps if Your Rental is Foreclosed

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Look in any newspaper these days and you'll see a whole list of foreclosures. Not all of those foreclosures are just affecting homeowners, though. Some of those houses were rentals, making life suddenly harder for tenants. If your landlord is losing your apartment, condo or house in a foreclosure, you still have some options. read more

When Your Landlord Raises the Rent…

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So your landlord’s notified you that your rent will be increased beginning next month. Since your lease agreement specifies that a particular amount of rent will be paid each month for the term of the lease, you’re wondering what entitles your landlord to raise the rent in this manner. The good news is that your landlord is likely not legally able to raise the rent in violation of the lease agreement. Read on for more information about when—if ever—your landlord may be allowed to raise the rent. read more

How NOT to Break a Lease

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Desperate times call for… desperate measures Your apartment is so awful that you need to get out now. The management, however, really doesn’t want to let you go. Maybe it’s because you’re one of few renters left who actually pay rent and/or don’t sell drugs out of your apartment. Whatever the reason, you’ve gotta go—but it ain’t gonna be easy. Here are some highly unadvisable—wholly unadvisable, really—ways to get out of your apartment lease. read more

Are You Blacklisted?

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Have perfect or good credit? Early or on-time payments? No evictions? You could still be denied residence at an apartment if you are a blacklisted tenant. What is a blacklisted tenant? read more