Apartments for Rent Short Term: Negotiating Tips and Tactics

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Finding apartments for rent short term is truly a specialized market, but you can find them with a little extra searching. You would think this simple concept would be everywhere in the world of leasing-“I apply, I pay my rental amount, and I sign a lease for the term I need, right?” Not so fast!

Finding Short Term Rentals Isn’t Easy

Excellent results in finding short term housing may not be easily found.  But they do exist, and by a little creative investigating, you will find the lease for which you’re looking,  Once you do, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into as well.

1. Search & Seek Keywords that Reflect Your Needs– Apartment communities list keywords under the parameters of the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo!  “Short Term Lease”, “Flexible leasing”, “Extended stay” or any wording that reflects your needs may garner you quick results.

2. Call the Community You Want – Whether you’re already living there or you just have a complex in mind, go and ask about a short term lease. If a community’s occupancy is low, the lure of a few easy months of income may be just what their looking for, but are afraid to advertise.

3. Be Ready to Rent – Let’s say you need 5 months to lease as your house is being sold, or while you’re finishing your thesis. Choose your complex and bring your checkbook. If you can afford it, be prepared to pay 2 or 3 months up front. A client paying in advance is very difficult to turn away, even for the minor inconvenience of a shorter lease.

4. Be Flexible – Most communities have a few “as-is” units which are sitting empty. They may need cleaning, have non working dishwashers, dirty carpet or some other minor issue that the maintenance crew can’t get to, but may not bother you. Offer to rent a unit “as-is.” Complete any necessary cleaning at no charge to them. Be flexible to move in on a day other than the 1st of the month, and move out according to the needs of the community. And, always leave a good impression. Should you need another short term lease next year, you’ll already have a great reference from your last stay.

Find Out About Hidden Fees

Once you’ve found the short term lease you’re looking for, take a few extra moments to read the fine print in your new lease agreement. Many communities will increase monthly rental amounts, add short term fees, restrict deposit return, or insist on other inconveniences to grant you the convenience of the short term housing option. If you have any question, please sit down with your new landlord and have them explain any costs which are above what a normal lease holder would be paying. Ultimately, you must decide if additional costs for this rental is worth the additional cost(s) that you will be responsible to pay.

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