4 Reasons to Stay Away from a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

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A ventless portable air conditioner is not a smart choice for a cooling system in most cases. Portable air conditioners are vented or non-vented, with the former using a single hose or double hose that attaches to the outside of the window. An air conditioner that can vent produces the best cooling results, and requires less energy to run. There are other reasons to stay away from a ventless portable air conditioner.

1. Not as Efficient

A ventless portable air conditioner might cost less to buy, but it’s not as efficient as other portable units. It takes the heat from the room, “vents” it and then blows it back out in the room. More heat blown in the room is not your goal for an air conditioning unit. You’ll end up running the unit longer to try to cool down a room.

2. Doesn’t Function as Well as a Window Unit

A ventless portable air conditioner, unlike a portable air conditioner with hoses for ventilation, doesn’t function the way a window unit does. A regular portable air conditioner will exhaust the warm air out, and bring in air from outside. This is the way a window air conditioning unit works, which makes it cool a room faster and entirely. However, when there’s no ability for the unit to “vent,” you’ll have a unit that doesn’t function well. Eventually you’ll be discouraged and you would have wasted your money.

3. Heats Other Parts of the Apartment

The heat trapped inside of your apartment has to go somewhere. When there’s no ventilation, it travels to another part of the same room or apartment. This can become a circular problem rather quickly, and you may find yourself rolling the unit from room to room to change this. You probably won’t have time for that. Buy one with a hose to avoid this trouble.

4. Requires an Open Window

Some ventless portable air conditioners have a pipe attached to them for you to stick outside your window. The purpose of the pipe is to circulate the warm air out of the room. However, the window has to remain open for this to work, which means you’ll let warm air in at the same time. That’s why a ventless portable air conditioner is not efficient, because it’s always fighting to get warm air out, while the unit is set up to allow warm air in. The open window is also a safety issue. If you’re not in the room for a moment to keep an eye on it, you leave yourself vulnerable to a burglar who could easily enter your apartment.

Don’t give up on portable units just because a ventless portable air conditioner is not the best choice. Stay away from those, but still consider a vented portable air conditioner for your apartment. However, if the room you need to cool as no windows, such as an attic or basement, then it’s a better alternative to a box fan.

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