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Non-Pet Owners Living in Pet Friendly Apartments

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If you’re moving or considering moving into pet friendly apartments and you don’t have a pet yourself, you may think whether or not your complex allows pets should make no difference to you. However, it’s important that you consider issues you may have to face as a non-pet owner in an apartment that allows pets. […] read more

Eco-Friendly Pet Grooming

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Pet grooming is one more aspect of life that you can turn into an eco-friendly way of living. With a wide variety of eco-friendly options on the market today, it is much easier to find a great natural and organic way to groom your pet. Choosing an Eco-friendly Shampoo or Conditioner Look for organic dog […] read more

4 Types of Apartment Flooring for Your Dog

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Dog flooring is a key consideration when you’re a dog owner searching for an apartment. The landlord is going to want to make sure that you return the apartment in the condition you found it, and any damaged caused by your dog will come out of your security deposit. Your landlord may even require you […] read more

Being a Responsible Pet Owner: Spaying and Neutering

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Part of being a responsible pet owner is spaying and neutering your pets. While some pet owners may be concerned about their pets living “less fulfilling” lives because of the operation, read on to learn why having the operation is more than just for controlling the pet population and can actually prove incredibly beneficial for […] read more

5 Tips to Care for an Older Dog

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You and your older dog have been together for a long time, and now that he’s a senior, his needs may have changed. Senior dogs often need specialized diets, exercise regimes, grooming and dental care. If your dog has special medical considerations, ask your veterinarian if he suggests any medications, treatments or food for your […] read more

Developing a Dog Diet

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Even if your dog is not overweight, it is smart to develop a dog diet to keep him healthy. Your vet and other dog experts will have their ideas on what nutrition your individual dog needs, but in reality only you and your dog know what will work best. There are several considerations you should […] read more

Apartment Pet Safety Guidelines for a New Pet Owner

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Pet safety can often be overlooked in the excitement of becoming a first-time pet owner. However, your pet’s safety in your apartment is an essential element to ensure his, your own and your neighbor’s well-being. The following are some pet safety guidelines that should be considered. Beware the Balcony While you may enjoy sitting outside […] read more

5 Low-Maintenance Pets to Consider

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Low maintenance pets are wonderful in that they enable you to have warmth and something to care for in your home without requiring much effort. While you may want a pet, you may not have unlimited time or funds to dedicate to an animal. Fortunately, there are several pets out there that require minimal effort. […] read more

The Importance of Dog Exercise for Stress-Free Apartment Life

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Daily dog exercise is an essential part of a happy, healthy dog’s life. Although it can be easy to put off taking the dog out for a walk or a game in the park during a hectic life—even more so if the weather is crummy or cold—it is essential that you establish an exercise routine […] read more