4 Questions to Ask a Dog Sitting Service

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If you’re requiring the services of a dog sitting service, you’ll need to ask several salient questions before making a commitment towards hiring one. After all, you want the best care for your pet, so you need to be assured that you’re hiring the right company for the job. Therefore, take your time and interview the service who you’re interested in retaining. If they are unable to adequately answer any of the following questions, find another service that can.

#1 – Are You Bonded and Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
You definitely want someone to care for your pet that is bonded and carries the proper amount of commercial liability insurance. It protects you and the service in case there is an accident. Don’t consider anyone or any service that isn’t protected in this regard.

#2 – What Special Training Do You Have in Pet Care?
Make certain the service you’re wishing to retain has employees who are experienced or who possess the necessary training to take care of your pet adequately. They should have pet first aid training as well as the ability and experience to work with various sizes and breeds of dogs. They also should possess knowledge about feeding schedules and pet nutrition, and what is required in order to take care of a dog’s dietary needs.

In addition, they should be experienced in giving meds, with washing and grooming, and in giving specific commands. Invite the person or persons who may be assigned to take care of your dog to spend some time with your pet. Observe how your dog interacts with them. Make certain you are obtaining the services of people who are well-versed in all aspects of dog or pet care. Choose only those services that have employees with well-rounded backgrounds in the care of pets.

#3 – Can You Supply Me with at Least 3 References?
It’s imperative that you obtain at least 3 references from the service you’re hiring to take care of your dog. Also, make sure you attain written references. Determine whether or not the owner/operator will be taking care of your pet or if he is sending out employees. If more than one individual is going to be assigned to take care of your dog, obtain references for each person. Follow up by contacting the references for additional feedback. You want to make sure anyone who is taking of your dog can be counted on to give your pet dependable care.

#4 – What Professional Memberships Do You Hold?
It’s also essential you obtain information with respect to the service’s professional affiliations. What professional memberships related to the care of dogs do they hold? How about business organizations? Are their memberships current? Find out how long they’ve been a member of any organization and if they are in good standing.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a dog sitting service that can answer all of your questions satisfactorily and provide your pet with the high level of service he deserves. Keep the above questions in mind before hiring anyone.

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