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5 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

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It is not an easy task to get rid of roaches. Cockroaches are known to be difficult to kill and breed quickly, so if your house develops a problem with an infestation of roaches, act quickly. There are several ways you can try to get rid of roaches, but don’t waste time or they will […] read more

Three Recommended Mouse Traps

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Even if it’s not springtime, it’s a good idea to think about buying mouse traps. With several brands and variations of mouse traps to choose from, it many be hard to make a choice. Consumers want quick, mess-free results no matter the method of trap they select. Here are three choice mouse traps to consider […] read more

Using Aromatherapy for Insect and Bug Prevention

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Aromatherapy has always been an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate but most people have no idea that aromatherapy is an excellent natural source of insect and bug prevention. When it comes to everything from gardening to your body there are several choices that work wonders. Note: Aromatherapy from essential oil is a powerful remedy […] read more

Pest Control Solutions for Your Container Garden

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Like it or not, pest control will be part of your container garden. Fortunately, pest control is easier when gardening in containers. By understanding how plants become infested, and your options for dealing with infestations, you’ll be able to keep the situation under control. Avoiding Pest Infestations Do a little research. Choose plants resistant to […] read more

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Kitchen

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Cockroaches are an important part of many ecosystems; they recycle plant and animal wastes. Indoors they are a pest and a health hazard, but there are many options to keep them out of your kitchen where they belong. Keep Food Away from the Cockroaches Keep food either in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. Food […] read more

Rodent Control: Weighing Your Mouse Trap Options

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Rodent control is mandatory for keeping your apartment sanitary and comfortable. Mice are the most common rodents to infest apartments. Knowing your options for eliminating mice will help you to keep your home rodent-free. Are Mice Present? Mice leave evidence of their presence. Typically, you’ll notice mouse droppings (feces) wherever they’ve been. Their droppings look […] read more

6 Simple Home Pest-Control Solutions

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If you live in an apartment, you might have to deal with home pest control at some point. The summer months can bring a steady string of ants and spiders into your home, and roaches can thrive no matter what time of year if they gain a foothold in your kitchen. Here are some simple […] read more

Keeping Fruit Flies Away

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Fruit flies are one of the greatest nuisances that can infest your home. If you have them, you’ll see tiny flies flying around your home. Adult fruit flies are about 1/8 inch long, including the wings, and are dull, tan to brownish yellow or brownish black with feathery antennae. Their eyes are usually bright red. […] read more

How to Get Rid of Mice, Part 2

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Mice don't make the best roommates. Unlike bigger roommates, though, they tend not to take hints that it's time to move along. If you need to get a mouse out of your apartment, you may have to do more than mention that it's time to move along. read more