Using Aromatherapy for Insect and Bug Prevention

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Aromatherapy has always been an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate but most people have no idea that aromatherapy is an excellent natural source of insect and bug prevention. When it comes to everything from gardening to your body there are several choices that work wonders.

Note: Aromatherapy from essential oil is a powerful remedy and should not be taken internally or sprayed near or in the eyes. They should be tested on a patch of skin before use and infants should not be exposed to any aromatherapy. When applying directly to the skin be sure to use a carrier oil like almond, coconut or sesame mixed in at a 10:1 ratio.

Lavender and Lice

Although lice are technically considered a louse and not a bug, most people would rather prevent their scalps from becoming infested with this nasty critter. Thankfully the essential oil from the lavender plant is deplored by lice and can work as a veritable force field against them. Children are the most susceptible as lice make their way from head to head in their close quarter proximity. Lavender oil can be found in any health food store and works best as a spray. If it cannot be found in a spray get the oil and transfer about 120 drops into a small spray bottle with about two ounces of distilled water. Make it a daily practice to spray your children’s heads (avoid the eyes) before school, as well as your own if there is a current infestation in your area (most schools will alert parents).

Lemon Eucalyptus, Clove and Citronella vs. Mosquitoes

Lemon eucalyptus, clove oil and citronella (aka rose geranium) work best when sprayed on the skin and clothes to prevent mosquito stings. Follow the preparation spray mentioned above for each oil (do not mix them). Be careful with clove oil as too much can irritate the skin.

Pepper and Garlic Keep Them Off Your Plants

Given the foreign vs. indigenous plant life surrounding homes these days susceptibility to all sorts of insect predators is inevitable. An excellent formula to ward off these tiny pests from attacking your garden or indoor creations is garlic, jalapeno and cayenne pepper. Crush these three herbs in a mortar and pestle (or a food processor) and let soak in a jar of distilled water overnight. Pour the concoction into a spray bottle and douse your plants and/or garden. It is safe when the garden is harvested, but keep children and pets away.

Ants Do Not Like Cinnamon

Ground cinnamon sprinkled along areas where ants seem to be getting into your home is an effective, safe aromatherapy to stop their infestation.

Mint Annoys Beetles, Spiders, Flies and Fleas

Spraying vulnerable areas with spearmint or peppermint will deter these outside insects and keep your home smelling special at the same time. This formula can also repel fleas from your pet.

If You Are Bit

Bug bites can really ruin your day. Keeping a bottle of tea tree oil in your home or camping kit can do wonders. This aromatherapy is strong enough to reduce swelling and act as a disinfectant and analgesic (pain killer). Dab onto a cotton ball or tissue and apply.

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