How to Tell If an Apartment Building’s Parking Garage Is Really Safe

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An apartment parking garage offers the benefits of convenience and protection of your vehicle against nature’s elements, but it can also be a potentially dangerous environment if not properly secured. Before choosing an apartment complex, you should always be sure that the parking area is safe and secure. Here are some ways to determine if your apartment’s parking garage is really safe.

There Are Security Cameras

Security cameras are essential to ensuring that a parking garage is safe for both vehicles and residents. Strategically placed security cameras can capture a criminal in the act of breaking into a vehicle, vandalizing a vehicle, or even stealing a vehicle. This captured film can help the criminal investigation process more expedient and successful. However, more importantly, security cameras can help to make a positive identification in the event that a resident is harmed in a parking garage. The very possibility of such acts being caught on tape is often enough to deter criminals from committing crimes in a parking garage. Therefore, a parking garage that is secure and welcoming to its residents should always have security cameras.

Automatic Garage Doors

One way to ensure that only residents of the apartment complex can enter the parking garage area is to have an automatic remote-controlled garage door system. With this type of entry system, only an authorized resident with a remote control can open or close the garage door entry ways. A system such as this is crucial to parking garage safety because it effectively secures the parking garage by only allowing authorized individuals to enter. An apartment complex geared towards protecting its residents will always have an automatic garage door system for safety and security of its residents.

The Garage Has Lots of Lighting

Parking garages that are dimly lit or not lit at all are definite safety hazards. Inadequate lighting can cause residents to trip or fall on the hard cement floor. Likewise, the lack of lighting can also encourage criminal activity. In the event of vehicular theft or personal harm, it is essential to be able to identify the perpetrator. When there is not enough lighting in the parking garage area to make this type of identification, it encourages more criminal activity and puts the life of apartment residents in jeopardy. For this reason, it is crucial that every apartment parking garage have sufficient lighting.

Security Guards

Not all apartment complexes invest in 24-hour security guards in the parking garage area. However, some do, and these are most certainly among some of the safest apartment complexes to live in. With human security protection, there is always someone in the parking garage to ensure that both the vehicles and residents are not harmed.

Remember that it is not necessarily just one of these aspects that truly makes an apartment parking garage safe, but rather it is a combination of all safety measures working together to ensure the most secure environment for apartment residents. If you are considering an apartment that does not take the safeness of the parking garage area into consideration, you may want to think twice about the dangers that oversight could cause.

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