6 Moving Tips for Your Home Office

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American Bureau of Labor statistics show that more Americans are working from a home office. As companies attempt to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint, more and more employees and freelancers are encouraged to use their home as an office space. This can get kind of complicated on moving day. Here are some easy tips to make your home office move a little easier.

1. Organize Your Files Prior to the Move

If your office hasn’t had a “spring cleaning” in a while, the time before a move is the perfect opportunity to make sure everything is in order. Hopefully, you’ll be able to separate your files into specific boxes or cabinets that you can move to your new destination easily.

2. Provide for Quick Access to Time-Sensitive Projects

Another great way to optimize your home office move is to keep the materials that you would use soonest where you can get to them quickly. If you are in the middle of a deadline, keep those files and necessary equipment accessible, even if it means using your own car to transport them, so that you can deliver on deadline regardless of your temporary unsettling.

3. Secure Your Broadband and Phone Services Early

Too many home offices experience a temporary shut off when their operators get to their new destinations. Setting your Internet and communications up before a move ensures that you won’t be working from a café for two weeks after you’ve arrived at your new home.

4. Pack Electronics Carefully

Your home office equipment is a significant part of your business investment, and you want to make sure that you provide the maximum safety for this gear. It also helps to look into moving insurance to make sure that any damage is compensated, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the aftermath.

5. Do Change of Address Updates

In the old days, a change of address just meant registering with the post office. These days, it might mean contacting multiple accounting departments, health benefits offices, HR departments, or other parts of a business to accurately update your information. Without this key step, you could be operating without critical documents in your new home office.

6. Make a  Moving Checklist

Checklists seem kind of like a contrivance to some people, but in a hectic event like a home office move, these quick reference materials can come in very handy. If you’re juggling multiple projects, and you need to prioritize as mentioned above, the checklist can do some of your mental work for you, ensuring that details don’t get lost in the mix as you communicate with your moving crew and make the greater arrangements for moving yourself, your family, and your household to a new location.

Take advantage of these basic tips to make home office moving easier and to make sure that your move doesn’t harm your business flow when a relocation gets tough.

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