Calculating the Cost of Moving

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The cost of moving is something that can add up quickly. Being aware of where the costs are coming from, you’ll be able to have an easier time figuring out where you can potentially cut costs.

Packaging Prices

You will first need to make sure everything is either in boxes, padded, or bagged as needed. You should figure that a normal room will require about 4 large boxes. Note that the kitchen may require more, depending on how many pots and pans you have. These are larger in size and take up more room. A bathroom will generally require 2 boxes each.

A box at a moving truck rental facility or self storage, will generally cost you roughly $4.00 a box. You can lower this cost by retrieving boxes from your local grocery stores, the office, neighbors, friends or even recycling facilities. If you are asking your local grocery store, make sure you go earlier in the morning, before they bale them (flatten them by a machine).

You will also want to get a mattress cover for each mattress, which will run you about $5.00 a piece. If you add in wardrobe boxes, you can figure those to be about $50.00 a piece. They can hold up to 2 feet of closet space. If you have a short, local move, you can do without wardrobe boxes and put clothes in suitcases, laundry baskets and duffle bags.

You will also want to include miscellaneous expenses such as tape, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and more. If bought at a local storage place, you will probably be looking at about $20.00 per room. If you use newspaper instead of packing paper, find a marker around the house, and do without the bubble wrap, you can get away with $5.00 a room. You can use towels as an alternative to bubble wrap.

In total, for a 3 bedroom 2 bath standard home, you are looking at a packaging cost between $120.00 and $200.00. During this stage, it is best to use a moving checklist to stay on track.

Moving Truck Versus Professional Movers

There are two options when you are ready to move the contents of the home. You can either rent a truck and do it yourself, or you can hire a moving company.

If time is more of a concern of time and efficiency than money, hire a moving company. Moving companies save a lot of time, and they can get you in your new home in a matter of usually 4 hours. Moving companies are more expensive, and they will cost anywhere from $400 to $900 for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home.

Moving companies are usually recommended for:

  • people moving long distances
  • women who are pregnant
  • families with children
  • people who don’t have help
  • people who are ill
  • people incapable of performing physical labor

If you are going to do it yourself, you will need to know a few things. You will pay for the rental of the truck, including mileage and gas. If you are moving within 5 miles, this might be your better option. It will usually cost anywhere from $120.00 to $250.00.

To save money, ask friends and family to assist you with your move; the extra vehicles and help will come in handy!

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