Does Moving Truck Size Matter?

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Moving costs are quite expensive; while there are several things you can do to cut costs, moving truck size is one area that can severely impact the ease of your move. The size of the moving van for your move impacts the delivery time and safety of your goods.

Different Truck Sizes

Moving companies often have several different sizes of trucks to use for different size moves. These trucks can range from a cargo van to an 18-wheeler rig. The size of the truck used by the company is typically based on the size of the move: the bigger the amount of goods to be moved, the bigger the truck will need to be.

However, should you have a smaller to medium sized move and be moving long-distance, your goods may be loaded on an 18-wheeler truck with another smaller to medium sized move. In this case, your belongings will take longer to deliver because the other move will need to be picked, loaded, and possibly delivered prior to your own.

Truck Size and the Length of Time for Your Move

Just as the size of your move will determine the size of your move, the size of the truck will determine the length of time it will take for your move. Should you have a small move loaded onto a van that will contain solely your belongings, your move will most likely take a shorter amount of time because there will be no delay due to needing to deliver another customer’s belongings. The same is true for a larger move. A three or four bedroom household will consist of enough weight that an entire 18-wheeler truck will be dedicated solely to the household.

However, smaller to medium sized moves will not be large enough to fill an entire 18-wheeler truck and therefore will most likely be combined with another smaller to medium sized move. In this instance, your move will take longer because of the time required to drive to, load and deliver the other household’s goods.

Truck Size and the Safety of Your Goods

The size of the moving truck will also impact the safety of your goods. A smaller van will mean less bouncing and tossing of your goods during transit, which will mean less damage. An 18-wheeler, however, typically results in just the opposite. Because they are typically used for longer moves and because they often have tighter suspension systems, 18-wheeler trucks may cause more damage to your goods.

Truck Size and Cost

The size of the truck used for your move also impacts the cost of your move. The larger the truck, the more expensive your move will be. The calculation of any move must include the expense of gasoline and insurance. Of course, more gasoline is needed for longer moves. Also, the amount of insurance increases based on the size of the move and the type of insurance you purchase.

The size of the moving truck is often overlooked as impacting the cost and safety of your move. Inquire into the appropriate size of truck for your move, and ensure that you are scheduled for that size truck. The company representative should be able to answer any questions regarding truck size.

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