Moving Dollies: What Kind and How Many You Need

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When it comes to planning for an efficient and safe move, there are some basic items that can help out a lot, and moving dollies are one of those extras that can be very much worth the extra rental. Moving dollies of different shapes and sizes provide “superhuman” assistance with larger items, from sofas to safes, and cut down on the chances of injury for any moving crew, personal or professional.

Numbers of Moving Dollies for a Moving Job

in general, you don’t need more moving dollies than people. If there are only two of you doing the move, extra dollies will just sit by the wayside. However, if more people are involved, additional moving dollies can make the job go faster. Even in a smaller move, though, you may want two moving dollies, one of each of two basic kinds.

Kinds of Moving Dollies

The conventional moving dolly is a horizontal square, a platform made of lumber or other materials and set on “casters” or oversized wheels that provide for the easy rolling of large items. These dollies help move heavy cargo up sidewalks, across floors or over any level area.

Another common set of moving dollies are often called “hand trucks.” These designs are more vertical than horizontal, although some have features for horizontal use as well. These kinds of dollies are thinner, with a long vertical setup and two wheel son the bottom. With these tools, movers can tip a load at different angles. They are good for a collection of smaller items like boxes, or for some larger block-shaped gear like appliances.

Moving Dollies: Features You May Want

Although many moving dollies feature simple, almost primitive in their design, there are some varieties that offer a lot more in modern engineering for specific kinds of moves. If you are moving up flights of stairs, you may want to look at a “stair-climbing” dolly or hand truck, where wheels and related design provides for moving heavy items upward. Other kinds of dollies have additional safety equipment like cinching straps to keep big items securely in place. The vertical kinds of dollies can have specific design to help stabilize a heavy load.

Fitting Moving Dollies into Interior Spaces

When you are considering ordering different kinds of moving dollies, think about where you will be going with your furniture. For smaller spaces like stairways, vertical types of dollies are often a better solution. On the other hand, if you are moving on one level, squat “four-corner” dollies can be a very handy thing to have around, especially for times when you can’t get quite as good access with your truck, and items have to be moved over lengthy distances just to get inside.

Think about all of the above when it’s time to order tools for your move. Don’t “starve” your crew of the tools they need to do the job well. A little investment in simple dollies can cut hours off of a move job and decrease the chances of injury for those involved.

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