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Why Does My Landlord Need Proof of Employment?

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After days or weeks of apartment hunting, you’ve finally found the ideal apartment within your price range. Eager to land the apartment, you ask to fill out an application, only to discover that you need proof of employment. You’re not sure how to go about providing proof and wonder why the landlord finds it necessary. […] read more

Dealing With a Property Management Company vs. a Landlord

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A landlord may utilize a property management company for a large property or when several of their properties require management services. From your landlord’s perspective, there are advantages to using a management company. Even though a landlord is a property owner, they may not know how to manage a property. Properly maintaining a property, and […] read more

Ensuring Your Security Deposit Is Returned

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Posting a security deposit can take a large chunk out of your wallet. Some security deposits can be as much as first and last month’s rent. You want to make every last ditch effort possible to ensure that your security deposit is returned. Giving Proper Notice When you are moving out, make sure that you […] read more

Security Deposits: Protecting Landlord and Tenant

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A security deposit is a sum of money that your landlord requires you to pay before you move into your apartment. Your landlord will hold onto the security deposit until you move out. The purpose of the security deposit is to protect your landlord in case you damage the apartment during the time you are […] read more

What Is A Lease Agreement?

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A lease agreement, also known as a rental agreement, is a legal document that is written to specify the agreed terms and responsibilities the landlord or owner and you, as the tenant, have for the specified property. Why a Lease Agreement is Necessary A lease agreement is a very necessary part of rental transactions because […] read more

Eviction Explained

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Eviction, a term with negative connotations, is a legal process whereby a landlord removes a tenant from an apartment. As with all legal processes, both sides (landlord and you as tenant) have legal rights. Each state (legal jurisdiction) has different laws. So, if you find yourself facing eviction, you must take steps to learn the […] read more

7 Money Saving Strategies: Gas and Electricity

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Saving money is always welcome, but it’s especially essential to the tenant of an apartment. If you’re looking to save money, you can try cutting back on your electric bill and your gas bill by following a few easy tips: 1 – Make Suggestions to Your Landlord One of the drawbacks of not owning your […] read more

Don’t Get Stuck with a Bad Landlord: Take These Precautions

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Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with a bad landlord can attest to the fact that it is not a good situation. It can lead to difficulties ranging from the inability to get repairs done when needed to suffering additional and unexpected expenses. Tips for Avoiding a Bad Landlord Find landlords through family […] read more


Getting the Most out of Tenant Incentives

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If you’ve been living in your current apartment for a while now, odds are that your lease has you locked in on a rent that really doesn’t reflect the market in your area. You and your landlord may have signed off on an amount much higher than the monthly price he’s offering to bring in […] read more