7 Money Saving Strategies: Gas and Electricity

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Saving money is always welcome, but it’s especially essential to the tenant of an apartment. If you’re looking to save money, you can try cutting back on your electric bill and your gas bill by following a few easy tips:

1 – Make Suggestions to Your Landlord

One of the drawbacks of not owning your own place is that structural improvements are not up to you. However, it can’t hurt to ask your landlord if he or she would consider installing better wall and water heater insulation and a programmable thermostat, if there isn’t one already. You could also suggest that your landlord plug up cracks along windows and door frames with weather stripping and caulk.

2 – Use Fans and Space Heaters

If you’re lucky enough to have central air in your apartment, don’t go overboard. Only turn on the a/c on extremely warm days, or for short periods each day when it’s hot out. Instead, keep cool with a fan. In winter, have your thermostat set at a low temperature (upper 50s to low 60s), and use a space heater to heat up the room you’re in. You’ll be surprised how much your electric bill and gas bill will drop!

3 – Unplug Your Appliances

Even when your electrical appliances are off, they’re still sucking up a few cents’ to even 1 dollar’s worth of power each day. In the long run, that adds up. So unplug the computer, TV, coffee maker, video game console, and any other electrical appliance when you’re not using it.

4 – Put Film on Your Windows in Winter

Window film is usually easily removable, so you likely won’t have to consult with your landlord to install it. Insulating your windows in the winter will help keep the cold air out, which leads to saving money because that means you won’t have to keep your furnace running as much.

5 – Keep Your Blinds Closed in Summer

It can be tempting to let sunlight into your apartment, but in the summer, the sunlight can raise the temperature of your apartment quickly, which in turn will make you want to run the a/c and fans more. Saving money by keeping the blinds closed during the day is an easy solution.

6 – Cold Water Washing

If your apartment includes a washing machine, wash your clothes on cold. Your clothes will get just as clean, but you’ll save as much as 90% of the energy your washing machine would have expended to use warm water.

7 – Air Dry Laundry and Dishes

If you have a dryer in your apartment, don’t use it whenever possible. Air your clothes on a line outside (or even just in your bathtub) instead. Likewise, shut off your washing machine once it’s run through the rinse cycle, and place your dishes on drying racks. It may be a slight inconvenience, but you’ll be saving money!

Follow these tips, and you’ll be saving money in no time. However, if you’d like to save more, consider calling your utility company to see if you can arrange a fixed-bill plan.

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