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My Landlord is Raising My Rent: What Now?

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When a landlord begins raising rent, it can often put the renter in a bit of a financial crush and cause them to wonder what to do. While there are laws that maintain when and how a landlord can raise rent, the bottom line is that a landlord can raise the rent on a renter. […] read more

Can You be Sued for Unreported Apartment Damage?

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You’re all moved out of your old apartment and are settling into your new place. Suddenly, you get a phone call from your old landlord, informing you that he found damage to the apartment that you never reported. It may even be enough damage that he is asking for money beyond your security deposit to […] read more

Renting in Atlanta: 3 Laws You Should Know

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Wherever you find yourself a renter, it is important that you be read of on local landlord tenant law in order to protect yourself and your rights. When renting in Atlanta, it is consequently important that you know the Atlanta landlord tenant laws, especially the ones laid out here. 1. There Is No Lease Cancellation […] read more

9 Tips for Researching Landlord-Tenant Law

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Protecting your rights, when having a problem with your landlord, requires understanding landlord-tenant law. Understanding where to find information and having a good strategy to locate it will help you to handle situations related to your tenancy. 1. Identify Your Problem Start by determining why you need information on landlord-tenant law. Each type of problem […] read more


What Does the Landlord Tenant Act Do for Me?

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At some point during their lease period, many renters will want to take advantage of a landlord tenant act to get more detail on the law regarding their rental situation. Knowing more about this kind of legislation gives tenants a greater hand in negotiating with their landlords over their housing environment and other issues. What […] read more

Finding the Right Apartment: Four Questions to Ask Potential Neighbors

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Talking to neighbors before moving into a new apartment is akin to calling references when hiring a candidate for a job. They provide a view of your prospective selection that you can’t gain from a one-time visit. When deciding what questions to ask those who already live in the neighborhood or building, explore what aspects of apartment living affect you […] read more

My Tenant Rights Have Been Violated! What Do I Do?

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When your tenant rights have been violated you may feel angry and helpless as to what you should do next. Luckily there are steps you can take to protect yourself and get some peace of mind. Rights violations may occur for a number of reasons, and can vary in severity. For instance, your landlord may […] read more

8 Red-Flag Clauses of a Bad Landlord-Tentant Agreement

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For anyone who is reviewing a lease agreement prior to move-in, it helps to be able to identify some warning signs of a bad landlord tenant relationship that is waiting to happen. Sometimes, the clauses of a lease can be bad omens, where tenant rights hinge on a good reading and negotiation of “landlord laws” […] read more

How to Negotiate a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement with Your Landlord

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Lots of what is in a rental agreement is often negotiable, and a lease term is one of those items that a landlord and tenant can talk about when sitting down to sign the lease. Many tenants are more comfortable having the freedom to move if necessary. It’s not always because they plan on leaving […] read more

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