Interior Decorating Ideas: Scandinavian Design Basics

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Scandinavian design is a great decorating theme to use in an apartment as it uses a functional yet minimalist look. Therefore, it can be implemented in many modern themes and is well-suited for apartments as it opens up a smaller space with furnishings that display low, sleek lines and simple but elegant styling.

A No-Fuss Look

When you’re decorating an apartment in the Scandinavian style then, you want to make sure that your furniture is functional as well as contemporary in design. Make sure you make adequate use of storage as you don’t want to include many knick-knacks, if any, in this type of theme. Maintain a modern look that promotes utility.

Scandinavian Materials and Fabrics

Scandinavian design requires the use of materials that are accessible and affordable. Therefore, furniture pieces and accessories should be made of such woods such as teak, beech, pine or ash. Also, because Scandinavian design enforces a contemporary concept, aluminum, chrome and steel are used as well. Furnishings made of pressed wood or particle board can also be incorporated into this type of decor. Organic linen and cotton as well as leather are used in upholstering chairs and couches.

Scandinavian Colors

Scandinavian design makes full use of neutrals such white or beige with black or bright, vibrant accent colors such as red, royal blue, pine green or yellow. Colors work with neutrals then to provide interest but aren’t employed to predominate a color scheme.

Scandinavian Furnishings

Keep functionality and simplicity in mind when choosing Scandinavian furnishings for your apartment home. For example, a representative living room arrangement might include a coffee table made of an aluminum frame and tempered glass tabletop combined with a warm tan sofa and accompanying swivel chair upholstered in the same leather material as the couch. For an even more modern look, a chair made with a zebra print might be included in the decor or a swan chair in orange. Stay away from any elaborate or ornate furnishings and keep the focus on functionality and a basic, streamlined look. Add a bookcase headboard, for instance, made of beech or ash or include a pine table and chairs styled with angular lines to grace your dining room.

Scandinavian Accessories and Lighting

When accessorizing your apartment in the Scandinavian style, you’ll want to stay away from any added amenities and make sure the accessories you use are utilitarian and tie in well with the decor. Choose window treatments with straight lines in neutral shades. Use lighting, such as recessed lighting, that emphasizes the simplicity of the styling. Also track lighting is useful in this type of theme. Make use of chrome, aluminum, steel, glass or wood for side tables and coffee tables and choose shelves made of inexpensive materials such as particle board to complete the look. Rugs can be used to highlight neutral wood floors or wood-look laminates. Select a simple tan shag or a flokati rug colored in blue or red for an interesting splash of color. However, make sure you don’t use more than two accent colors if you want to maintain the proper effect.

Scandinavian design is a practical and straightforward style and is also a good choice for anyone who appreciates a contemporary decor. If you like an uncomplicated approach to decorating, it’s the perfect style for you.

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