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A cheerful and affordable holiday decor scheme for an apartment living room

18 Holiday Decor Tips for Small Living Spaces

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Seeing giant trees go up in stores and larger-than-life holiday displays through the picture windows of sprawling homes is inspirational — until it makes you think about how little space in you have in your own apartment to decorate for the season. No worries! With very little money and a ton of creativity, you too […] read more

Group Of Friends Enjoying Christmas Drinks In Bar

4 Last-Minute Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

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If you've been a bit too busy to get into the spirit and decorate this season, we've got just the thing to get you up and at 'em with our super awesome, last-minute Christmas party decoration ideas. read more

Apartment Entertaining: 5 Steps for Easy Dinner Party Planning

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Planning an apartment dinner party for friends? Here are 5 steps to help make throwing a great dinner party a simple, easy task. 1. Enlist Some Help Be it your significant other, roommate or a friend, find someone to help you run the show. This person can help you set up, help you in the […] read more

Dinner Party Decorating Ideas for Sophisticated Hosts

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In need of some decorating ideas for your dinner party? From music to the menu, well thought out ideas go a long way. It’s important to set the tone of your dinner party with a variety of decorations that work in concert with one another. Here are a couple of ideas that every host should […] read more

Halloween Party Decorating Tips

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The only thing that shouldn’t be scary about your Halloween party is decorating. If you’ve outgrown your childhood decor consisting of that ubiquitous bright orange plastic pumpkin and CD playing Monster Mash, then it’s time to upgrade to adult decorations. If your apartment is small, you can still get festive with a bit of creativity. […] read more

Throwing An All-Apartment Holiday Party

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Throwing an apartment-complex holiday party is a great way to get to know your neighbors and develop friendships with the people who can help you out when you need to borrow some flour. Having a party with the neighbors can be a little more complicated than having a party with friends. Who should you invite? Should you invite all of your neighbors when you don’t know everyone in your building? Perhaps most importantly, how will you fit everyone in your tiny apartment? Here are some party ideas to help you throw a successful bash for your whole building. read more