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A group of friends staying in and having a game night.

Saving Money by Staying In

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Saving money is always in style. Even rich people are known to frequent discount retailers read more

Woman holds a cup of coffee as she plans out her New Year's resolutions.

6 New Year’s Resolutions Every Renter Can Get Behind

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The new year is always a time to reflect on and refresh your life. While many concentrate on health and fitness goals (particularly after a busy season of eating and drinking during the holidays), there are plenty of other resolutions you can commit to in order to make your life more enjoyable, more organized, and […] read more

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5 Recipes to Help Ring in the Fall

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It’s no wonder fall is so many people’s favorite season. The temperatures are mild and just chilly enough to remind us that winter is ahead, the leaves change into vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange, and every now and then you get a whiff of oak burning in someone’s fireplace. It’s also the season […] read more

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Hosting a Large Dinner Party in a Small Space

Just because you don’t have a designated dining room with ample square footage does not mean that you can’t host a proper dinner party. Small spaces may limit what kind of furniture you can buy or how much storage you may have, but they in no way prohibit you from hosting friends or family for […] read more

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4 Last-Minute Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

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If you've been a bit too busy to get into the spirit and decorate this season, we've got just the thing to get you up and at 'em with our super awesome, last-minute Christmas party decoration ideas. read more

Apartment Entertaining: 5 Steps for Easy Dinner Party Planning

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Planning an apartment dinner party for friends? Here are 5 steps to help make throwing a great dinner party a simple, easy task. 1. Enlist Some Help Be it your significant other, roommate or a friend, find someone to help you run the show. This person can help you set up, help you in the […] read more

Dinner Party Decorating Ideas for Sophisticated Hosts

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In need of some decorating ideas for your dinner party? From music to the menu, well thought out ideas go a long way. It’s important to set the tone of your dinner party with a variety of decorations that work in concert with one another. Here are a couple of ideas that every host should […] read more

A Guide to Small-Space Entertaining

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One of the perks of living in your own place is having guests over to entertain. While entertaining guests in a small space may pose more logistical challenges than, say, entertaining in a spacious house, you can throw great apartment parties if you plan ahead. Decide How Many Guests Will Fit Unfortunately, a small apartment […] read more

Apartment Entertaining: Cocktail Party Planning

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Planning an apartment cocktail party can be just as fun as throwing it! It’s your way to get creative at home and entertain guests however you like. If you stay focused, you can put together an impressive party with the right drinks, appetizers and themes. Make sure you cover these few key areas to not […] read more