4 Last-Minute Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

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‘Tis the season… for attending Christmas parties, taking time off work, and really getting into that holiday spirit! If you’ve been a bit too busy to get into the spirit and decorate this season, we’ve got just the thing to get you up and at ’em with our super awesome, last-minute Christmas party decoration ideas. We promise they are not too complicated and are really fun to admire once the party gets started.

Set the Mood With Lighting

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There are so many easy ways to illuminate your home with festive bright lights. Why not go the traditional route to start with. Wrap some colored or plain white Christmas lights around your banister or window frames. These types of lights are pretty inexpensive and can last for years!

Another way to light up your home is by getting tons of tealight candles, some mason jars, real or decorative pine cones, and some twine. Tie the twine through the pine cones and around the mouth of the mason jars. Place the tealight candles inside the mason jars, and there you have it: a safe, but creatively festive, lighting idea for your party.

And of course, if you want something totally zero-maintenance, try getting large scented candles in varied sizes to arrange on a decorative holiday plate or tray. Use this arrangement as a centerpiece wherever you think it would look best. The best part is that there’s no clean up, and you won’t have to store away much after you’re done using it that one time.

Hang DIY Decor

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You heard us right. Get lots of ribbon, twine, or string (whatever one you like best); silver/gold bells; pine cones, mistletoe; and paper snowflakes. Cut your ribbon into several different lengths, and then tie the different festive objects that you’ve collected to the ribbons. (You could also use a dab from a glue gun to secure the different items to the twine or ribbons). Using little strips of tape or push pins, secure each hanging decoration you’ve made to the main party area’s ceiling. Before you know it, you’ll have yourself a little holiday wonderland!

You can also make some pretty sophisticated, yet inexpensive, holiday wreaths to hang on doors, over fireplaces, or wherever. You can make simple ones by wrapping garland around a styrofoam ring, or you can get a little bit more creative with it and wrap some burlap around it with some hot-glued holiday flowers and bulbs.

A simple glass vases filled with Christmas-colored candies, marbles, or flowers always takes party decor from a 1 to a 10.

This one is our absolute favorite idea though. Get some red ribbon and old Christmas cards, photos, etc. Glue or tape the photos and cards onto the ribbon, and hang them up by your front door or in any area of the home where you would want your guests to see your memories. Think of it as a really cute way to create a holiday memory wall! You might even opt to keep them up all year long because… well, because why not?!

Use What You’ve Got

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Use items all around the house or in storage areas. If you have display plates for your food, make cute little food tags that tell your guests what they’re eating, and maybe draw little candy canes or other festive illustrations. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Picasso to draw these things!)

If you already have a good amount of decor in your home but you don’t think it is necessarily festive, make it festive. Add holiday ribbon and/or confetti to your current interior decor. Or take basic red cloth napkins, and dress them up with holiday themed ornaments to look more festive. It is super easy to add those few touches, and it will make a world of a difference to have that little extra holiday charm in your home.

Don’t Spend Too Much on What You Don’t Have

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Just remember that this is a last-minute soirée, so you don’t need to bust out the fine china for this. So, no stressing out!

A great place to find tons of holiday decor at a steal of a price is at your local dollar store. Almost everything in a dollar store is $1, and even the stuff that costs a little more is usually under $5. Grab things that will enhance the party, such as party trays if you don’t have any, lights and garland, holiday-themed disposable napkins and utensils, and lots of other small knick knacks you are sure to find. Your guests will never know you did it all last minute!

For a little more fun, grab some reindeer antler headbands, Santa hats, and even elf ears so that guests can be the decor!

Since this is certainly the season of giving, give your party a theme based on generosity, love, and friendship. Make simple party favors that can be scattered throughout your home to make the whole place really pop with Christmas spirit, and sooner than you know it, people will be snagging one by one to take home and remember what an awesome party you threw.

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  1. August 07, 2009 at 9:16 am, Mary said:

    When it comes Christmas time there are three things we look forward to, one the presents, two the mouthwatering Christmas dinner and lastly the partying. We had a corporate Christmas party last year at Jongleurs comedy club and it was so much fun. This was my first time at a comedy club and the stand up comedians were hilarious. I suggest if you are holding a Christmas party i definately recommend that you go to a comedy club. You won’t regret it!


  2. August 13, 2009 at 6:20 am, Mary said:

    They are some great tips. I love Christmas party decorations. After the christmas dinners I recon the best party of any christmas party has to be the decorations, they are so important.


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