Dinner Party Decorating Ideas for Sophisticated Hosts

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In need of some decorating ideas for your dinner party? From music to the menu, well thought out ideas go a long way. It’s important to set the tone of your dinner party with a variety of decorations that work in concert with one another. Here are a couple of ideas that every host should take into consideration when planning a dinner party:

Floral Arrangements that Make a Statement

Flowers are an elegant way to add style and personality to your dinner party. To make a statement, create a large centerpiece for your dinner table or at the entrance of your home. This will get guests talking because everyone can appreciate an arresting floral display. Another option is to get 3 to 5 small vases and place them throughout a room. Colorful roses are a good way to brighten up and room and create a theme throughout. Vibrant rose colors like melon, fuchsia or yellow make a simple, but elegant display.

Choose Music to Set the Tone

Music will set the tone and help guests enjoy themselves. There are several types of genres to consider as you want the music to be inviting and fun. Are your parents or grand parents attending? Include some more classic music to accomodate everyone. If you’re entertaining a younger crowd, soft lounge music or jazz has its own personality, but won’t over power a conversation.

Create Ambiance With Candles

Candles are a must at any dinner party because they help set the tone. There are a variety of candle options depending on where you want to place them. Tea light candles go perfect with any votive holders. They can be displayed on a coffee table or a mantle for a modern look. Taper candles look best on long dinner table becks they set a classic and refined look. Avoid buying candles that are scented as some guests may be allergic to smells.

Use Your Menu as Decoration

Well displayed food can be used as decorations as most food is not only colorful, but appetizing and inviting. Try placing appetizers and desserts on their own table so you can create your own display. Arranging these items at different heights to create depth and volume while enhancing your display. Adding in name tags of items on place cards will make your display complete.

A good dinner party means friends, family and good times. Pairing the right elements together is important to creating the tone and your party. Your home and decorations are a reflection of you, so be sure to show your guests what you’re all about. With just a few simple key pieces, your guests will be impressed and your party will be a hit!

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