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Green Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Do your part to encourage a healthier environment by following these green apartment decorating ideas. Opt for Natural Products Use as many natural elements as you can to decorate your apartment. Green living is all about avoiding the man-made items that tend to harm the environment and clutter up spaces. For example, some mattresses are […] read more

Save Money by Going Green

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If you are looking for ways to trim your budget, one way is to save money by going green. Making choices that are good for the earth are also often good for the pocketbook!  Going green is not about replacing all the products you use with an organic or earth-friendly alternative. Making better shopping choices […] read more

Green Cleaning Products that Protect the Environment and Your Bank Account

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Green cleaning products are earth-friendly alternatives to harsh chemical commercial cleansers that are not only easy to make, but inexpensive too. Plus, they’re often just as effective as commercial cleansers, without leaving behind dangerous fumes or eating away at pipes and fixtures. Save the environment and save cash by using these effective cleansers: Distilled White […] read more

Conserve Energy for a Lower Electricity Bill

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With energy costs rising, it’s important to look for ways to conserve energy. Analyzing your use of electricity holds clues for how you can save money. Why Conserve Energy? Worldwide, people are adopting modern lifestyles, causing energy to become scarce. When more people want something, and it’s in short supply, prices go up. Our energy-dependent […] read more

7 Money Saving Strategies: Gas and Electricity

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Saving money is always welcome, but it’s especially essential to the tenant of an apartment. If you’re looking to save money, you can try cutting back on your electric bill and your gas bill by following a few easy tips: 1 – Make Suggestions to Your Landlord One of the drawbacks of not owning your […] read more

Top “Green” Moving Tips

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In the spirit of loving the earth, let's explore eco-friendly moving. Please utilize the blog feedback form below to open discussion and share your own ideas on moving without hurting the Earth. You never know who will be reading this! I would hate for you to pass up the opportunity to highlight your brilliant ideas to Oprah's producers or such who may be reading this as research for the next big show on Earth Day and is looking for guest speakers. read more

Saving Money on Your Electric Bills

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Although living in a tiny space gives apartment dwellers an edge on keeping electricity bills low, rising energy costs are forcing everyone to conserve. Whether you care about your wallet or the environment, it makes sense to do what you can to cut back on energy usage. Here are some tips to help you lower your energy usage and save money on electricity -- without turning your life upside down. Fill the fridge. A full refrigerator is more energy efficient than an empty one. It may not make sense at first; doesn't having more stuff to cool require more energy? It does, but only initially. Once the items in your fridge are chilled, the lack of empty space is what helps to keep the interior cool. One of the biggest drains on the refrigerator comes every time you stand in front of the open door, deliberating about what to eat. Warm air enters the interior and has to be cooled when the door is shut. A full refrigerator has less space for that warm air to fill and cold food that is better able to retain a low temperature. read more

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your Apartment

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Have you ever taken a good look at the labels on your household cleaning products? They probably feature a long list of chemicals you don't recognize as well as warnings to contact the Poison Control Center if the product is accidentally ingested or inhaled. Unless the packaging explicitly states otherwise, you can bet the products aren't biodegradable, natural or renewable. Unfortunately, many chemicals used in standard soaps, detergents and other cleaners aren't removed by standard water filtration systems. They end up back in our waterways and it's unclear how they might affect our environment and ourselves. Environmentally friendly cleaning products appeal not only to environmentally conscious consumers, but also to people worried about exposure to toxins or about the accidental poisoning of pets and children. read more

Buying Energy Efficient Home Appliances

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Renting a place where your landlord doesn’t supply major appliances? The reasons to buy energy efficient home appliances just keep getting more convincing. Not only are they better for the environment, they will probably be better for your wallet. Although their initial cost may be higher, energy efficient appliances can pay for themselves in what you save in electricity, water and heating bills. Look for appliances that have earned the Energy Star qualification. These meet strict energy efficiency requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy. Before making a new purchase, consider resource efficient options for some of these common appliances. read more