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Keep Your Pets Comfortable with a Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

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You’re not the only one in your apartment that can benefit from a portable air conditioner and heater. Your pets will enjoy cooling and heating as well, for both comfort and health benefits. Dogs and cats can overheat in the summer months in an apartment that has little or no cooling options. Ceiling and floor […] read more

Shopping for a Portable Air Conditioner/Heater? 5 Features to Compare

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A portable air conditioner and heater is a good choice when you don’t have a heating and cooling ventilation system in your apartment, or a space heater and window air conditioner isn’t working out for you. There are many units to choose from, and comparing 5 features will help you find the best unit for […] read more

Comparing the Costs of Using a Space Heater, Furnace and Central Heating

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Probably the best way to save money when it comes to using central heating is to make sure that you’re using energy wisely. This can be achieved in a number of ways. While central heating, such as a geo thermal heat pump, is less costly to operate than a forced-air furnace, it is more expensive than using, say, space […] read more

4 Space Heater Safety Tips

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Having a space heater in a small apartment can help you keep the areas in which you spend your time warm without wasting excess money and gas or electricity to keep your entire apartment at a high temperature. However, before you plug in your new heating appliance, familiarize yourself with essential safety tips to keep […] read more

4 Must-Have Energy-Saving Products

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If you’re looking for ways to save money on your electric and gas bills, consider using energy saving products. The initial monetary investment will save you money in the long run if you choose the right products. Here are 4 must-haves to buy: 1. Automatic Indoor Timer One way to combine your efforts to protect […] read more

Keeping Your Apartment Warm During Winter

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One of the harsh realities of living in an apartment is that it can be difficult to heat during the winter. Apartments are built to be efficient, but you might find that the one you’re living in is not heat efficient. Here are some strategies for keeping your apartment warm during the winter, without breaking […] read more

Renter’s Guide to Save Money on Heating Bills

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The holidays loom with turkey legs, pilgrims, holly, and ho ho hos, but the spread on the table and the number of presents under the tree might be severely limited this year. Why? Because heating oil prices are expected to be at an all time high in the winter of 2005-2006, leading to a potential 30% increase in energy bills this winter. Other than denying little Tommy his coveted bicycle or action figure, or scarfing tofurkey (it’s just $50 for a Tofurky feast that feeds four! ) instead of a real bird, what might you do to save money in the coming months? We’ve got a bevy of tips for knocking down your heating bill by enough dollars to satisfy the kids—big and little—this winter season. read more