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Apartment dweller steam cleans their couch

A Tenant’s Guide to Furniture Maintenance

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From leather sofas to wooden chairs, all furniture needs a little TLC from time to time to stay in good shape. Still, the exact methods you use to protect your pieces from the wears and tears of daily life will vary depending on how old they are and what materials they’re made from. Read on […] read more

DIY Decorating: A Guide to Reupholstering

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Furniture reupholstering is an alternative to getting rid of furniture that’s worn out, ripped or shabby. With a little instruction and sewing know-how, you can save your furniture or make it look as if you purchased a new set of furniture altogether. If the furniture you bought to begin with was used and not worth […] read more

Leather Furniture Care: 5 Tips

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Leather furniture is durable and attractive and makes a versatile addition to most any style of apartment decor. However, if you want to protect your investment properly and make your furniture last longer, you need to practice regular proactive care: 1 – Check for Water Repellency Many pieces of leather furniture are naturally water repellent, […] read more